Tuesday, September 13, 2005

And there's more...

In the midst of all the running back and forth to and from PAP, our visitors leaving, we also had school starting for all the "Our Hope" kids, and a number of new children come into the HOH quite sick. I mentioned Sabrina in a recent update, and wanted to tell you that she is doing much better, thank you for your prayers for her. Nelson is a 3 year old boy who is at the HOH with his mother. He is extremely sick with malnutrition,a nd has lost sight in both of his eyes due to lack of Vitamin A. There might be a chance that he'll be able to see a little bit out of one eye, but not a lot of chance. Please pray for his recovery. Magalie is a 18 month old little girl who is also sick with severe malnutrition, but she is coming along very well. We also admitted a 15 year old boy named Stevenson who has TB. He is still adapting to the HOH, but pray that he'll soon feel at home, and that he'd be open to the gospel while he is here with us.

The one case we really need your prayers on, however, is a tiny 8 year old boy named John Kerry Fleuristil. He was abandoned at the hospital last week, with only a paper from the mayor of a local town telling us a bit about him (name, age etc...). He only weighs 18 pounds!!! I thought I had see just about everything in my time here in Haiti, but I was wrong...I've never seen anything so sad in my life. He is nothing but bones, and has yet to respond to us at all. He is in his own little world, doing only what he must to survive and stay alive...which before he came to the HOH included eating whatever he could find to put in his mouth. We are not sure at this point how much of a mental problem he has, or how much is due to severe trauma at this point, but please do pray for John Kerry. Pray also for us to have wisdom to help him get back his strength and health.

School has started, and the house is bustling with the activity of 40 some children/young people coming and going throughout the day. We in the end had two of the "Our Hope " children who didn't stay with us. Helene has returned to live with her family here in La Pointe, since she has finished school. And Jamesky has gone to live with an aunt. We will continue to pay for his schooling, but he will live at home.

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