Friday, November 04, 2005

Growing in the Lord

Growing in the Lord
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This past summer three of our young ladies, Phania, Vonette and Stephanie took the first Child Evangelism course on how to teach the Gospel to children. These past few weeks they have been working hard completing all the homework they have to do in order to finish the course. They have been spending time practicing their new skills on the children here at the HOH, who are always a willing and lively audience. Here's a picture of Stephanie teaching them a verse (Hebrews 7:25a). It is exciting to watch them learn how to teach God's Word to children and see them grow through this whole process.

We are also excited about 4 of our young people who have decided to follow the Lord's example in baptism. They have spent the past month or so attending baptismal classes at our local church, and will be baptized this coming Sunday morning. Jean Daniel, Mikerlange, Vonette, and Dada are the 4 who will be baptized. How good it is to see these young people taking steps forward in their spiritual walk. We'd appreciate your prayers for these young people, especially as they have to give their testimonies today in front of the church members.

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