Monday, December 12, 2005

Christmas and Mangoes!

Christmas and Mangoes!
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Great news! All the Christmas gifts that we had hoped would get here before Christmas have made it safe and sound. What a blessing, thank you for your prayers, and thank you so much to all of you who sent gifts to make Christmas a special time for our kids. Linda and I will be sending a lot of time getting things ready to celebrate Christmas here at the HOH. This year we will be having our party on Sunday the 18th, since the school students will be writing exams all through the next week. That is another prayer request for you all, they started writing exams today. Pray that they would be diligent in studying and would do better this cycle then they did on the last one.

We've continued to receive several new children. One of them is a cousin to Manouchka that we introduced several weeks ago. He is extremely malnourished and we are waiting for the results to see if he has TB as well. Kendly, Sabrina and most everyone else is doing just great. Thanks for praying for them. Marc Donald is pictured here enjoying a mango that a neighbor brought over for the kids. Everyone loves mangoes around here, and we don't usually get to have them at this time of year, but sure are thankful for the gift!

Hope you have a really great week. Please continue to pray as we continue to seek out research for Jackson, Linda's nephew who has Leukemia. We've come upon a lot of dead ends, and have just a few inquiries out there yet, but we continue to pray that God would open the door if it is his will.

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