Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Learning to walk...again!

Greetings from a much calmer Haiti! Thank you so much for your prayers on our behalf over these past few weeks. We ask for your continued prayers for this very troubled country. Our one group of visitors were not able to come last week as the flights into Haiti had been canceled, but we were able to receive the second team. They arrived on Saturday, and have been busy doing different projects around the HOH and the hospital as well. I know they would appreciate prayer that they would have good health while here, a number have been struggling in that area so far, and also that they would have a safe trip back home to PA on Saturday.

We were able to see a number of children return to their homes this past week. Our numbers are down a bit (we only have 87 now!), and somehow the house seems quiet without them. Most are doing really well, including these two cute little boys. Both Jamesley (left) and Daphno came here to the HOH with TB in their spines. While they had walked before coming to the HOH by the time they got here their TB was so advanced that they could no longer do so. It has taken several months of treatment, but slowly both these boys are starting to walk again. They get so excited when they get a chance to show off their new ability to walk. I had a hard time keeping them in one place to take a picture!

The Our Hope kids are back into school and also working hard helping with the work team here. The boys, and even some of the girls have been helping the masons put up the back wall at the HOH, it will be nice to have our yard completely enclosed. The girls have been busy making food for the visitors for the noon meal. We are so thankful for these kids and their very gracious servant spirits, so willing to help out.

The Psalms that the children and young people wrote on Sunday night were pretty good. One group actually wrote a Psalm that had music and could be sung, we were pretty impressed. Next week we'll begin to study Proverbs together.

Dr. Boucher is coming up again this week, so we are looking forward to having him here. Linda and I will be returning with him to Port-au-Prince on Sunday, so we can take Linda to the doctor to redo the tests she had done last September to make sure everything is ok with her Gall Bladder. So we would appreciate your prayers for a safe trip, and also for the HOH while we are gone. We will only be gone for a few days, we should be back, Lord willing, on Tuesday.

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