Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Hope for Daphny Love

Hope for Daphny Love
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What a busy and yet very good week we had with the dental team here. We were able to help a lot of people in the dental clinic, and were so thankful for the team that came. The team was made up of some dentists and some other helpers from Seattle, and then there were also a number of students from the University of Nevada Las Vegas who are studying Dental Medicine. They were all a blessing to us, as we saw how they really came down here to serve as many people as they could. They worked hard, and many people benefited from their service.

We were able to admit a beautiful 14 year old girl named Daphny Love this past week at the HOH. She had originally came to the hospital clinic, and then was sent up to see the dentists. We aren't sure exactly how her problems started, but when she got here, she hadn't opened her mouth at all in 15 months. She had major infections going on in her mouth, and the dentists ended up pulling 7 of her teeth. Since she came she's been on antibiotics, and we are slowly starting to work on getting her to open her mouth up a bit more each day. We have already worked up to getting 5 tongue depressors in at one time. That may not sound like much, but it is progress! Please pray for Daphny Love, that her mouth would get better, and that she'd have a good attitude while being here. She did not want to stay here, but accepted it in the end so we could help her. She comes from a very good and strong Christian family, so it was hard for her to stay. Pray that she would have a good time here, make friends and grow in her walk with the Lord during her time here.

We admitted quite a few small children very sick with malnutrition this past week as well. One of these little ones, three year old Daphna passed away yesterday. We spent the entire morning doing all we could to save her. We were just in the process of getting blood to give her, and she passed away. Please pray for the others that we had come in, that they would respond well to the treatment here, and get back on a healthy track. Their names are: Lucvens, Jamesly, Youdna, and Guerda.

We are looking forward to having Jeb and Gail Bland visit us this week. They are coming from PA. They will be her for a couple of days, helping with various projects. They are the last team we have scheduled this spring. I will soon begin all the preparations I have to make for my trip to the States and Canada this coming May/June. We'd really appreciate your prayers for wisdom in decisions we need to make. For health and strength to do the many things we have to do before I leave.

Thank you all for your prayers on our behalf. Please continue to pray for God's provision of our needs, for spiritual growth on all our part, and for the students as they continue to study and prepare for upcoming exams.


staceycerven said...

Hi Jenny!

Thank you so very much for sharing your "House of Hope" with all of us from the Dental Team! I will keep all of you in my prayers! Could you email me with your email address...I forgot it. I'll send you some of the pictures we took!

Your Sister in Christ,

Brandi Dupont said...

Hi Jenny,

I was deeply touched by the House of Hope and am praying for you and the children. I am happy to hear that Daphny Love is making progress. I also miss holding Jamesly: he is a precious little gift from God. I look forward to coming again in the future.