Thursday, May 04, 2006

Pray for Magdalène

Pray for Magdalène
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Greetings friends! Sorry for the lack of communication!

I have been in the process of arriving in the US for my 11 weeks of travel. I appreciate your prayers for me, Linda and the HOH during these past few weeks. I have had regular contact with Linda over the weeks, and am so thankful for the ability to be in communication with them.

I am presently in Texas at my sister's house, we will be leaving here to go to Manitoba to our parents' place early next week. We have spent the past couple of days getting some of the needed school supplies for this coming school year, and plan on spending the next day or so packing and shipping these supplies to Haiti.

Linda has had several children leave the HOH and return home in the past couple of weeks, for those of you who remember him, Ti Papi was among those who went home. He was such a cutie, we will miss him! There have also been a couple of new children admitted as well. One specifically needs your prayers, his name is Ritchy, he is very young and extremely malnourished. His mother is just a teenager, but she is staying at the HOH to try and help take care of him. Another of our children, 12 year old Magdalène really needs your prayers as well. The doctors have struggled to figure out what exactly she has. They thought it was TB in her glands, but now are wondering if it isn't cancer. They have asked us to send her to Port-au-Prince to have some blood tests done so we can know for sure. Please pray for her during this coming week as her mother takes her there.

There seems to be a number of the children/young people at the HOH who are not feeling well these days, and Linda is among them, please pray for them all, for health and strength. The students are in their final semester of school. All those who will be writing government exams are studying hard to pass. Please continue to pray for them as well as Carl-Evens in Port-au-Prince as he continues to prepare for University entrance exams this coming summer as well.

I would appreciate your prayers for health and safety as I start my travels. Please feel free to contact me at the numbers that I gave out in our latest prayer letter, if you so desire. God bless, and thank you for your support.

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