Monday, October 30, 2006


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It's been a couple of weeks since we've last written. In the past two weeks, I went to Port-au-Prince for a few days, we've had Dr. Boucher visit for a few days, the school kids have all been writing exams, we've been dealing with discipline problems, we received a bunch of boxes off the boat, we admitted 8 very sick and malnourished children, had 2 young children pass away, and we've been getting over the virus that went through. So you can imagine how busy things have been.

But today we are feeling fine, the kids are almost done their exams (most will finish tomorrow), and the really sick kids are starting to get better. Among them are 12 year old Djimmy. He came here very sick and malnourished, but is already feeling better and starting to enjoy life at the HOH. Please pray that he would be receptive of the Good news of Jesus during his time here.

Tomorrow I need to return to PAP, just for the day, I'll fly down in the morning and Lord willing back in the afternoon. I have to take care of some government paperwork, so I'd appreciate your prayers for safety.

Wednesday and Thursday of this week are a holiday here in Haiti, so the kids won't have school. They are already preparing for two big recreation days, filled with fun and games. It's neat to see them using their creative minds to come up with fun things to do, and we are looking to some fun times together.

Please keep some of our young teenagers who are going through some very difficult times. We all know those teenage years are tough, so please pray for these girls in particular: Roselor, Guirlene, Verline and Pierla.

Our Bible studies are going good, and we know God is working in the lives of our kids. While it gets discouraging sometimes when we see our young people make bad choices, we find our encouragement in God and in His Word. This morning I was encouraged with Phil. 1:6...that confidence that God would continue His work in the lives of His people...we are clinging to that same confidence these days as our young people grow, stumble, fall, get up and keep going. Thank you for your prayers on our behalf. Please continue to pray as well for God to provide financially what we need to keep the HOH going.

Have a great week, Jenny and the HOH

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