Saturday, December 02, 2006

Pray for Wendjina

Good morning, thank you for praying for Jean Daniel, he has recovered well from his surgery, and is almost back to his normal self. Now we need to ask you to pray for Wendjina, who is very sick. She is 2 years old and has been here at the HOH since September. She really was doing well, responding to her TB treatment, and starting to get healthy, and then during the past month she has started to really go down hill. The doctor doesn't know what do to for her anymore, and we are just trying everything we can to save her. Her parents think that someone has put a curse on her, and so have lost all hope that she will live. We keep telling them that is for God to decide, and that if He chooses, He can spare her life. Our prayer is that her family would come to know the Lord through this difficult time, and also that Wendjina would get better. Please pray for Wendjina, for her parents, and for us as we take care of her. Thank you.

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