Monday, March 05, 2007

Time just flies!!!

Ok, can someone tell me where the month of February went? I was just sitting here telling you of my upcoming trip to Miami, and here we are into March already. Here are some of the highlights of things that happened since I last wrote:

I did indeed go to Miami, and had a very busy but great weekend with our friends at Miami Shores Presbyterian Church. I was also able to do a bit of shopping and get some much needed supplies that you can't mail, and then our friends took them to the boat in Miami to bring them into Haiti for us.

The team from East Stroudsburg, PA did come down, and sure did a lot of work both for us and for the hospital. We enjoyed seeing those who have been down many times over the past years, and also the chance to meet a new member of the team as well. I personally didn't get to spend a lot of time with the team as I was in Miami, but Linda and the kids did and enjoyed having them here.

The day before I left for Miami Linda came down with Malaria, so she was sick most of the time I was gone. In spite of being ill, she was still able to help the Veterinarian run a clinic for the animals in the local area...mostly dogs. The day after I returned Linda left to go to Cap Haitian and visit her family. She took along a number of the older kids here who were on vacation from school as well. They had a great time, but were really missed here at the HOH by those of us holding down the fort.

The team from PA left and another smaller group from PA came through for a few days. Jeb Bland and his wife and a friend stopped by. We always enjoy having them stop by, as they have developed some really close relationships with some of our young people. Jeb looked over out building project, and helped Ronel decide what was the next step for getting the building under way again.

Ciliana spent the weeks eating, sleeping and growing, she is up to 6.5 pounds, and actually feels big to those of us who remember her being under 2 pounds. She is sleeping better during the nights, much to our joy, and is really starting to recognize people and has a pleasant and happy spirit about her most of the time. She is such a joy to us all.

Our own nurses started working on March 1st. So far they are doing a great job, and it is a relief for Linda and I to have someone here to look after our children's health needs 24/7.

We are looking forward to a team of young ladies coming from Liberty University this week. They are coming to do seminars and lessons with our young ladies on "Knowing your True Identity in Christ". We are looking forward to a very fun week of trading cultures, and learning God's Word together as these young ladies interact with each other. Please pray for their safety in travel, and for health as they spend just over a week with us.

I am excited to also have a long time friend from College come to spend the week with us as well. Amy and I were in our freshman year at Pillsbury Baptist Bible College together before we both went our separate way. We have always kept in touch however, and I'm so excited to welcome her to Haiti and enable her to see the ministry down here.
Here are some prayer requests for you all to continue to pray for us during this coming week:
  • I am still working on translating and preparing the first 6 lessons of the Young Peacemakers Bible Study to teach our children and young people this coming Easter break. It is a lot of work as you can imagine, but I'm very excited about the chance to teach these precious truths to our young people. Please pray that I would find the time I need in between all the activities of the teams coming, and the other administrative needs of the HOH, to finish the first half of this project in time. Pray also that the Holy Spirit would already be preparing the hearts of everyone here for the things they are going to learn, and that the lessons throughout the first week of April would bring forth much fruit in the lives of our young people.
  • Pray for safety and health for our visitors and for us over the next couple of very busy weeks.
  • Pray for the dental team from the University of Nevada Las Vegas that will be coming down again this year with some dentists from the Seattle area, that God would prepare the way for their trip. Pray that those who need to be here for both dental care and to hear the Good News of the Gospel would hear about the coming dental clinic, and be able to make it here for that week. Pray for clear chances to share the Gospel during this week, and that God would be glorified through the use of His servants with skills in the dentistry area.
  • Pray for several newcomers to the HOH, including Julienne, pictured above. She has only been here a couple of days, and isn't to the smiling stage yet, but she's getting closer every day, and is really starting to look healthier. Pray for her father who was also very sick when he brought her here last week, her mother just passed away about 3 weeks ago.
  • Pray for our nurses as they get used to their position here. Pray that they would build good relationships with each other, among the kids, and with our other staff. Pray for wisdom as the provide health care for our children. Pray that they would also have the chance to grow in their spiritual walk as they spend time here at the HOH.
  • Pray for all of our spiritual growth, that we'd seek to be more like Christ each day, and reflect Him in our lives.
  • Praise God for his faithful provision for our financial needs and pray that He'd continue to provide all we need.
We hope you have a great week! Thank you for your support and prayers.+

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