Friday, October 05, 2007

Moving along...

We were blessed to receive a number of new wheelchairs this past week, from . They are made from parts that can be easily replaced, and not cost a lot...plastic lawn chairs and bicycle tires. We are thankful to our friends from Extreme Response who connected us with the distributor of these chairs in Port-au-Prince. Owen, pictured here, was one of the children who received a wheelchair. He was so excited, as he has spent his life walking on his hands and knees. This is the young boy who was abandoned here several months ago, and has just turned into a ray of sunshine here at the HOH. We are so thankful for this gift that has allowed him to get up off the floor, and move around a lot easier.

The children are doing well for the most part. We received two children this week, Daphnie and Anslot. They are both older, around 10 years old, so it's been a bit of a harder adjustment for them, but they are getting there. Pray as we interact with these young people, that they'd be open to the Gospel as we share it with them during their time here.

School and studies are both going well, thank you for your prayers. We were happy to have a visit from our friends, Jeb and Gail Bland last week. They brought over 100 pairs of cloth diapers with them, what a blessing that was! We were also able to get a prayer/news letter written, and mailed. It should be posted on our website sometime in the next week or so.

We appreciate your prayers for us very much and ask that you continue to pray for:

  • The students here at the HOH as the attend school and study here at home, that they would be faithful in their studies.
  • For our different Bible studies, that we will be open to the Holy Spirit's teaching as we study God's word together.
  • For God's provision of more monthly supporters of this ministry.
  • For the health of our children, and for our staff as we care for many sick children.
  • For our new nurse who will start working here this next Tuesday. That she would fit into this ministry, and would be an example of God's love to our children.
  • For me as I prepare for a trip to the US the end of this month.
God bless you all...

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