Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Travel and Hurricanes

Hi, Linda and are are still in the UK. We've had an incredible time reconnecting with friends and supporters of the HOH, and realizing just how many people here in this country love and support the ministry. God has just overwhelmed us with the encouragement and support of our brothers and sisters here in the UK.

As you can imagine, however, we are saddened by the news of hurricanes hitting Haiti, and our homesickness is even stronger now as we long to be there with our kids. They are doing ok after Hurricanes Gustav and Hanna, but there are two more on the way behind them, so we ask you to pray for them. None of them know yet of any of their direct family members being killed, but many other people were heavily affected all over Haiti.

I am just finding out bits and pieces of information, it seems like Port-de-Paix, the town closest to us was quite flooded, no airplanes are able to get in or out at this point as the airstrip is underwater. Gonaives is underwater as well (that's the major city that was hit back in 2004), that is the land link up to our part of Haiti, so at this point traffic is stopped both via land and air. We just heard that a friend of ours lost 5 family members in that town, if you think of it pray for Esther.

Our mission campus in Port-au-Prince sounds like it was hard hit. With houses loosing their roofs, and one of our missionaries being injured. So please pray for them as well.

I'll update you as I can, but thanks for your prayers on our behalf, and on behalf of Haiti.

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Heather Kibler said...

Hi Jenny & Linda,
Thanks so much for the update. I've been concerned and praying for the kids since I heard the news of the hurricanes. So glad to hear that everyone is ok! I pray that you'll continue enjoying your time in the UK!