Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's 70°F. and we are chilled!

We aren't great weathermen here at the HOH, but one thing we know these days, we're having a lot of rain, and a lot of very cool (for us) weather. The jackets/sweaters/pants/blankets are back out again as we brave low temperatures around 21°C during the nights. Ok, so I know these are spring temperatures for many of you, so we are trying to "enjoy" it as best we can, and think happy thoughts of spring along with you all...

Our numbers here at the HOH have not gone down at all. We are now sitting at 99 kids, we did hit 100 last week, but unfortunately one little girl passed away over the weekend. The incoming kids continue to have malnutrition, but we also received one little girl who is a Collodion Baby this week. I had never heard about it before and had to look it up on the internet. It is a skin condition that the babies are born with, this little girl is 4 months old, her name is Jepsny. She is greatly improved since coming here and being plastered in Vaseline twice a day, but her condition is so terrible I can't even think of sharing photos with you all. Hopefully, one day she'll improve enough for me to do so.

We were very glad to receive a shipment of food from World Vision last week. Their food helps us supplement what we feed the children, and enables us to save money by not having to purchase everything that we need. We are also able to help numerous people in our area who have been having trouble feeding their families, by sharing some of the food we received with them.

The kids are back to school, and most will begin to write their exams this week. They'd appreciate your prayers as they study and attempt to pull their grades up with this mid-term exam.

My trip to Miami went really well. I had a great time with our friend at the Miami Shores Presbyterian Church. It was a really great weekend of hearing what God is doing around the world, and I was very happy to be part of it by sharing what God is doing here at the HOH.

We are back on schedule with our Bible Studies, and kid's clubs. Last week one of the young men who comes to our Saturday afternoon Bible club accepted Jesus as his Savior, it was a very happy time for us to see him make this decision. Please continue to pray for these studies, that God would use them in all of our lives, to enable us to reflect Jesus to those around us. Pray for Shilder, that he would grow in his new found faith.

Please continue to help us pray for people to support this ministry financially, as you can imagine with the economic crisis everywhere, we are feeling it here too. Pray that God would provide for all of our needs, and that our faith would remain strong as we wait on Him to do that.

Sorry to not have more interesting news/pictures for you on this blog. These days are days of simply pressing on, sharing the love of Jesus with those we come in contact with. Please pray that we would be faithful to love God and others as we live among and interact with people in this area of Haiti.

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Heather Kibler said...

I'm convinced that sometimes the days of simply pressing on and sharing the love of Jesus with those we come in contact with are the most important days we spend in serving the Lord. Keep pressing on in faithfulness and always remember... God is at work whether you happen to see it or not! As always, you and the kids are in my prayers every day.