Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Not quite like I planned it...

Well, some times in life you just never know what's going to hit you next.  I am writing you from Texas.  Yep, I have left Haiti already... I wasn't supposed to or I should really say, I hadn't planned to leave so quickly, but things don't always go as planned...

As you know from my last blog update, I was having a lot of trouble with my allergies.  Well, all through this time I was having some trouble with my eyes, particularly my right eye.  Suddenly last weekend things took a sharp turn for the worse.  Starting Thursday night and through Saturday, I couldn't open my eye for very long, I would go hours without being able to open either eye due to the sharp pain and spasms in my right eye.  The doctors at our hospital, and the leaders of our mission decided I should head for the US immediately instead of waiting until my planned travel date next week.  You can imagine the rush of trying to get things together for me to leave, all the while me not being able to open my eyes for very long to see what I'm doing!  But I had lots of help, and everything that needed to be done was done. 

God worked out all the travel arrangements perfectly, and provided people to help me all along the way.  I flew to Port-au-Prince Sunday morning, and by Sunday night I was able to open my eyes without any trouble, but was really bothered by light and still had quite a bit of pain.  I traveled to Texas on Monday, and by the time I arrived here I was already doing much better.  On Tuesday, I saw my eye doctor who told me I have an eye disorder that isn't serious, but can be extremely painful if my eyes get too dry, as I found out! I didn't even know I had anything wrong with my eyes....I've never ever had a bit of problem with them before.

The treatment for the disorder doesn't seem to be to difficult, so I should hopefully be able to take care if it in the future.  To everyone who knew about these events while they were happening, thanks so much for your prayers and help in so many ways.  To those who didn't know, so sorry I couldn't tell you about it, but I couldn't see well enough to update the blog!  So, in the end I will be in the US a week longer than I had planned.  Once again feel free to call me if you wish to chat at all.  E-mail me at jenny, to get the phone numbers where I am at if you'd like to do that.  They are the same numbers as other trips, so if you have them already you can use them.

  • Please remember Linda and the kids during this time.  It was very difficult for them to go through this, and now I will be gone for a longer period of time.
  • Much work will fall on Linda, so pray for her to be able to handle all that will come up.  
  • The kids are writing exams before their Christmas vacation so pray that they'll be able to concentrate and do a good job. 
  • We have several work teams coming to the HOH right after I get back on the 31st, so pray as we still work out logistical details and have these teams come in.
  • Continue to pray for God's provision of al of our needs, and thank Him for the way He has done so throughout this year.

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