Thursday, July 11, 2013

Catching up!

It's one of those busy moments in life, where time just never seems to be enough.  So I'm writing just a few things to catch you up on our news! 

This week starts the spiritual life conference of the Haitian organization that the HOH is part of.  Thousands of people have come to our little town to take part in the festivities.  Our kids just love this week as it's a chance to get all dressed up, go to services, learn new songs and be part of the thousands of other kids who have come here from all over Haiti. Here are some of our kids all dressed up.  They have meetings in the mornings and afternoons and they enjoy it so much.

Most of our kids are finished with their exams.  The last group left is the Grade 13 exams, and they were almost done when we had the scare of Tropical Storm Chantal yesterday.  So the exams got canceled and rescheduled for next week.  A bit of a bummer for them, but then a few extra days to study as well!  Pray for Jn Daniel and Manno who are writing these exams.

Jenny is busy getting ready to leave on her two month trip this coming weekend.  Please pray for her and Djordjy as they travel to many places and see many people.  If you are interested in contacting them, just send an e-mail to the HOH address and she'll be in touch with you.  That e-mail is

Tomorrow please be in prayer for Jenny, Altagrace and Immaculee as they travel to Port-au-Prince to see a specialist to get braces for the two ladies.  Altagrace has been in the HOH for years and as never been able to progress from crutches to walking on her own.  A physical therapist in our area has given us hope if she gets the braces she'll be able to support herself and walk unaided.  This would be a huge blessing for Altagrace.  Immaculee was a resident at the HOH many many years ago.  She was struck with polio as a young child.  She has been the assistant director of the local elementary school for many years now.  Last November she fell and broke her hip. It has been a long road of recovery for her, and she also needs some braces.  We were blessed to find a place called Mission of Hope just outside of Port-au-Prince.  They have a lab and a technician who can make the braces for them.  They also have a missionary who has his own plane, and he has offered to come get us, take us to the brace clinic then bring us back.  If the weather permits tomorrow, we will do this all in one day.  So pray that this works out and we can get these ladies the help they need.

Many thanks for your prayers and support.  Continue to pray for Linda and the kids here at the HOH and for Jenny as she travels seeking to raise the funds we need for the coming school year.

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