Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Moving ahead...

This past week felt much more like a normal summer week at the HOH.  For the most part, everyone was healthy and kept busy keeping the kids busy since they are on summer vacation.  The big activity last week was a soccer tournament mixing young boys from our local community in with our kids, here are a few pictures....

The only one still having some health issues has been Phania, she ended up having a Cesarean Section yesterday evening.  Phania was doing fine this morning, but the baby was having a hard time.  Please pray that the baby will start to breast feed, and will take a turn for the better.

Jenny & her husband have had a rough start to their trip in Canada and the US.  Her husband spent a number of days hospitalized last week, and they had to postpone some of their travels.  He is doing much better now, and so they will resume travel tomorrow.  Jenny will be in Eastern Pennsylvania over the next couple of weeks.  If you are interested in seeing her while she is there, please get in touch with her.

We appreciate your prayers, your support and all the different ways you help us out. 

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