Thursday, March 03, 2016

Loss of a friend

We received some sad news this week that a good friend of the HOH passed away.  Roger See has been part of HOH history longer than any of us who are there.  His father was the one who originally built the HOH back when it started in 1956.  Then, when we needed to add an addition to it early in the 2000's Roger came back to Haiti with another good friend Tom Sykes to build it for us.  Now both of these special men are together in Heaven! 

We just wanted to express our appreciation for all Roger has done for us over the years.  He was always concerned for our kids and what was going on at the HOH.  He continually sought after new supporters to help us out financially as well as worked to match up people who could help us out in other ways as well.  He will be missed.

We would also like to convey our condolences to the See family and let you know that you are in our prayers at this difficult time.  We'd ask you to please pray for his wife, children and grandchildren as well.

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