Monday, October 09, 2017

Update on Life at the HOH

Hello to all of our friends, family and partners!  We have had a couple of good and fairly routine weeks since you last heard from us.  The kids are well into school and the process of getting everyone off to the right school, in the right uniform at the right time is flowing a bit easier with each week that goes by.

Jn Mary and Baselet ready to head off to school

We were so grateful to receive our shipment of food and also some much needed school supplies from our friends in Miami...
 Iverlande supervises the distribution of back packs
Lethnie is happy to get her school supplies
The boys stocking up as well...notebooks, pencils, even deodorant brings smiles all around!
A big thanks to everyone who has made this school year a success so far.  With our car troubles, we have had to purchase another means of transportation for those who classes are further away.  We purchased a moped bike for this purpose.  This will eliminate the need for our car to be out on the roads everyday and hopefully help us preserve it a bit better as well. 
For the time being, Joseph is the designated chauffeur for those whose school is too far away to walk.

We appreciate your prayers and support so much, here are some prayer requests for the next few weeks:
  • Pray for the mechanics that are working to get our vehicle up and running again.  It is a invaluable tool for us.  We are praying that this happens this week because Linda had a death in her family and needs to return to her home town on the weekend for the funeral.  This vehicle is her only way to be able to do that.
  • One of our young men (Joseph) along with 2 of our "adopted" kids from the local community (Wilvens and Haldin) wrote exams yesterday to try and enter the Haitian police academy.  They are waiting for the results and if they are chosen will enter the police academy in the next few months.   It's a tough job in Haiti, but we are proud of them for wanting to serve in this way.  Pray for them over the next few weeks as they await the results.  We'll keep you posted on that.
  • Linda is working hard on the details for sending 2 of our other young men to University in a town close to the city of Cap Haitian.  They are still waiting the results of their entrance exams, but should enter classes in November. Because it's a government school, the fees are minimal, but She needs to locate affordable housing for them as well as transportation to and from the school.  The best option would be for them to find a place in the student housing the university has.  We won't know about that until classes start though, as some are still finishing up their studies from last year.  Please pray that all these details would work out, and that Stevenson and Reginald would find a place in student housing to make all of this easier.
We hope you all have a wonderful week and a Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian friends!

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