Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Comings and Goings

One thing that is often misunderstood about the House of Hope is that not all the kids who come here stay indefinitely.  A big part of our work is providing temporary care for kids who are in rough shape physically, mentally or emotionally.  Most of these children and youth need a few weeks to a few months of concentrated care until they are ready to return to their homes.  

This transitory part of our ministry is what has allowed us to care for and bring hope to thousands of children and youth in Haiti since our founding in 1956.   The more permanent placement for some of the children at the HOH started back in the year 2000.  Cultural shifts in Haiti meant that some of the children who came to us came from unsafe environments and were unable to return to their home situations.  The majority of kids who come to the HOH though return to their homes as soon as they are able to so.

This past week was a special home going of little Madeline.  

She came to the HOH in March of 2017.  A three year old little girl swollen with malnutrition...
This week, she was able to return to her home with her father.  She responded well to the treatment and care here at the HOH and looks much healthier...
While it is always a little bittersweet to see these children we have come to love leave us, we are always thankful that they have a family that loves them and is waiting for them. 

As is often the case, we don't have a lot of time to think of the children who leave us.  There is always another one waiting for our love, attention and affection.  This past week we were blessed by the addition of a new baby to our family.
Judson is 5 months old and is also swollen with malnutrition.  His mother passed away and he has not been able to receive the care he needs.  

He has come to the right place!  He is presently being showered with about as much love, care and attention that anyone could handle.  His arrival brought out the normal jockeying for who gets to be the "mom", "dad", "sister", "brother", "godmother", "godfather".... every social position one could ever need filled.   He seems to be adjusting well so far and we look forward to watching him thrive over the months ahead.

A quick update on Jamesley.  He is doing a lot better.  He was able to go to school today, and his bleeding seems to have stopped, so that is a definite improvement! 

We appreciate all the different ways you are a part of the things that go on in our big family.  Thank you for your part!

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