Monday, March 26, 2018


Spring break has begun!  Our kids are busy getting back into their Rubber Band game.  They have made up this game, kinda like marbles -- only rubber bands are easier to come by in our corner of the world.  The end goal is to collect as many rubber bands as you can -- taking them back and forth from each other as you win or lose the game. 
Here you can see the boys playing -- the rubber bands are on the ground on the lower right hand side of the picture, but they aren't easy to see.  

Here Ivinsky, Mits and Mike show off their collection!
 The sign of a good Rubber Band player!

It's nice they get such joy out of something so small and easy to get to them. They have the week off of school and will be enjoying some down time with their friends. 

We do have a few new faces once again.  The first is a family group:
Nineteen year old Manouchka and her 2 children were a family in crisis.  Manouchka was burned by hot water in her home.  Her family then dropped her off at the hospital with her 2 children and left her without anyone to care for her or the children.  

Touched by her need for some time to heal and someone to help her care for the children, Linda opened our home to her in order to give her a chance to get back on her feet.  It is an unusual story for us, but it is a proactive move on our part.  Without proper care this young mother would not be able to heal properly to care for her children.  The children would have become more and more malnourished and eventually brought to the HOH in worse condition.  This way we can help them all get back on their feet and also share the love of Jesus with them.  Pray for them as they have this time of healing at the House of Hope.

Another little boy could use your prayers as well.  8-year old Destiné just arrived at the HOH.  I think his picture speaks  volumes...
  Such sadness, it just rips at your heart. 

Please pray for Linda and the other kids and staff at the HOH as we seek to help Destiné in every way possible.  He is in such need of love, care and healing.  Pray for wisdom in dealing with him, figuring out his medical needs and helping with the emotional and spiritual ones as well.

Many thanks for each of you and your various ways of supporting this special ministry.  We hope you have a wonderful week.  We look forward to celebrating Easter this coming weekend.  We have an evening community event planned at the HOH on Good Friday.   Then we will have a special Easter service on Sunday celebrating the resurrection of our wonderful Savior.  May you all have a great time remembering Jesus and all He did for us at this special time of the year as well.

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