Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Great PT help!

Here we are already into February!  The days seem to just hurry by and with constant activity at the HOH there is no slowing down time.  

How nice it was to have our friends Jacques and Isabelle come for a visit all the way from France.  They spend a lot of time in the NorthWest part of Haiti and we have numerous kids at the HOH that they found in very bad situations and brought them to us for care.  Brothers Davidson and Darolyn were two of these kids and here they are during their recent reunion.  Davidson is on the left and Darolyn on the right. 

We were also blessed to have a visit from some Physical Therapists who were part of the group STAND Haiti Project.  They came to the HOH to see numerous ones of our kids and young adults to see what help they could offer.  Then they had us bring two of the youngest ones, Widson and Kiky to their clinic in Port-de-Paix.  Alexandra and Jedline took them there...

At the clinic the group made multiple tools to help these young boys with their various physical disabilities.  What an amazing job they did!
Widson certainly seems to not mind his special board getting him to lie on his stomach and use some different muscles than what he's been using. 
 At first, Kiky didn't seem to mind his chair so much.  What a great smile!!

The special made walker was a little less well received.  He has had one of these before and hated it so much he literally ripped it apart!  Hopefully we can get some more use out of this one and it will help him use his legs more.
The special table seems to have not been so well received.  His face makes it look like we are torturing him, but we really aren't!  We hope these tools will help Kiky gain the use of different muscles and learn to do some things for himself that he hasn't been able to do.

We are so grateful for people like these who help us in various ways to find and bring hope to kids in Haiti who really need it.  Thank you for your part in allowing us to share this hope with them.  Please continue to pray for the various needs at the HOH, particularly for the kids and their studies, for health for both Linda and I, and for wisdom, strength and protection during times of turmoil in our lives and country.

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