Friday, February 15, 2013

A bit of a vacation

 It seems that no sooner did we get back into the swing of things around here after the Christmas vacation, that the kids received another week off of school.  This past week's vacation was for the "Mardi Gras"/"Carnaval" celebrations that were happening in Haiti.  Most of our students got the whole week off, and a few were off for just half the week.  They found ample things to do to keep themselves busy...
the older kids helped Linda organize our clothes
this group of little ones enjoyed reading a book
Lala & Nani help sift flour for the noon meal
Blandjina took care of her little one    

With the end of the "Carnaval" celebrations came Valentine's Day.  The older students had programs and parties with their various schools.  So in the afternoon Djordjy & I took the younger kids to a local store (about 5 miles and a 45 minute drive away) to buy some chocolate.  They were thrilled -- almost as much for the ride in the car as for the chocolate. 

This coming week, I will be traveling to various places in Haiti.  Some of our Extreme Response partners will be coming to visit their partnering organizations in Haiti.  Djordjy and I will be traveling around with them.  We'd ask you to pray for safety as we have many miles over very bad roads to cover.  Also, pray that our visits would be encouraging, profitable and a blessing to all involved.  This is the first time we've met these men, and so are looking forward to that very much.  

Back at the fort, Linda will be holding things down with the three young men who are helping out.  One of these men, Jean Daniel, is going to have an eye operation this coming week as well.  We go to see the doctor tomorrow, but are not sure when exactly the operation will happen.  It isn't a serious operation, but we'd ask you to pray anyway that it would be a success.  Last year he had he operation, but it didn't work.  This year the team is bringing the exact equipment they need to do the operation, and we hope it is successful this time.

Please continue to pray for 
  • The spiritual growth of our young people, for their testimony as they interact with the local community, and that they would be diligent in their studies.
  • Our support needs are still lacking.  I am planning several trips this coming year to visit supporters in various areas.  Please pray for an increase in monthly support to meet the needs of caring for the kids God has given us.
  • Wisdom for Linda, the three young men and myself as we make decisions daily that affect the home.  
We appreciate each one of you very much.  Till next time... God bless!

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