Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Some quick prayer requests

Hi Everyone!  Once again I am almost out the door!  On my way out, I thought I'd give you some ideas of how to pray for us over the next few weeks.

  • I, Jenny will be traveling to various places in Florida over the next couple of weeks.  Please pray for safety in travel, and for good health as I will be really busy.  Also pray for the right words to speak as I have numerous speaking engagements on behalf of the HOH.  
  • Pray for Linda and the kids as they remain here and write exams!  Yep, it's exam time again, and everyone is deep into studying.  Pray for health for them too at this time, and the wisdom to balance their time and lives to study and remain in good health, and keep the house running!
  • Praise God for a good amount of support that came in for the last month, and pray for continued financial support to come in to meet our monthly needs.
  • Pray specifically for 8 year old Ivinsky.  This little ball of energy has been giving his teachers a lot of trouble at school.  They have threatened to not allow him back at school.  We have been all over the place with Ivinsky since he started school, and we had thought we were getting over the misbehaving at school, as last year we had no problems whatsoever.  So, please pray for wisdom for us as we deal with this, and pray for a change in Ivinsky. 
Many thanks for your support!

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