Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturdays Off Anyone?

I think somewhere in the world there's gotta be a job that gets Saturdays off! Every now and again we do get to have a relaxing day on the weekend, but today was not that day! And we don't really mind, we are actually feeling good to be able to finally help some of the people that God has sent our way from PAP. While we are working on a very minuscule scale compared to what's happening in PAP, we are glad to be able to do something.

The car got back from PAP at about 10:30 last night. You can just imagine the excitement here at the HOH when the last of our "kids" finally arrived home. We spent the next couple of hours chatting, and listening to them tell their stories. Carl Evens will be here for the foreseeable future until things settle down and he can get back in to University. Marie Ange will still be working in PAP, and will return next week. But she's happy to be able to have a few days here with us to rest and get back up on her feet.

They were able to bring 5 kids back to join their family here in La Pointe, and also a 16 year old girl named Judith. Judith was at school in PAP when the earthquake hit. She ran, but was knocked to the ground and trapped her leg under a cement wall. She lay there for several hours before people were able to free her. Instead of seeking medical treatment right away, they tried to do what they could to dress and take care of the leg. Now 11 days later, the muscles and nerves in her lower left leg are damaged, and she has lost some of the function in moving her foot. With time and healing we'll be able to see how much function she'll have back. The Dr.'s tell me it's called "Compartment Syndrome"....the "Survivor's injury", and it's a common injury that we are seeing a lot of. Anyway, Judith is going to be staying here at the HOH for a while, as she heals and gets back up on her feet. So pray for her, she's in a lot of pain. Pray that this time she's here with us is just a really positive and helpful time as she heals.

The medical team is working away, they saw around 80 orthopedic cases yesterday; were in the OR until late last night, and have spent the day there today as well. They are really doing great, having to substitute or do without a lot of things they are used to having. Please continue to pray for their health and stamina as they put in some long hours. Also, for our Haitian staff that are assisting them. They plan on having the morning off tomorrow, and then back into the OR tomorrow afternoon. Pray that we can get supplies that they need, and also pray that I'll be able to get a flight for them back to Cap Haitian, so we don't have to drive them back. That will give them a whole extra day here, and will be a big help.

Thanks so much for your support. I know many of you have written me with specific questions on my e-mail, and I will answer you, but it might just take a bit of time as I'm really busy helping the medical team. Here's wishing you all a great weekend...


Robin Weatherford said...

Hello From Abaco Bahamas,we thank the Lord for your work for Him in Haiti! We have been working with the Haitians in the Bahamas for 29 years! lots of people in our mission are from Port De Paix we have known Boxley Boggs for years!
This is our website Are you on facebook?
In His Grace,
Pastor Robin Weatherford

Miss Peterson said...

Hi, my name is Bridget Peterson and I am a member of Grace Baptist Church of York, Pennsylvania. Some friends and I are trying to organize a small group to come down to Haiti in May, and would really like to specifically come to HOH. I know you are very busy right now, but I would really appreciate it if you would be able to give me some information to help us better plan a trip.
We are all praying for you and the rest of Haiti,

Miss Peterson said...

sorry i forgot to give you an email address to respond to me. My email is