Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Where do the days go?

Greetings from the HOH! Boy, I can't believe how fast the days are flying by. Things continue to be busy as we help the visiting medical team help as many people as they can. They spent Friday night, all day Saturday, half a day Sunday, and all day yesterday doing various surgeries. Gail Kealy the other CrossWorld missionary here in La Pointe and I have taken turns helping them with translation. It is so nice to see the people they've been able to help, and we look forward to following their recovery over the next little while. I've especially grown fond of the 22 year old young lady who had her leg amputated, and Linda and I hope to be able to encourage her in the days and weeks ahead.

Both Andrine and Judith are recovering very nicely, and the doctors say they can go home whenever they are ready to. They both have a several long weeks of recovery before them, so continue to pray for these two young ladies. We've gotten several phone calls today about receiving more wounded and sick from PAP, and hope that this can be worked out. Transportation is the problem, and we hope to be able to establish a site soon where they can airlift some to us, both for the hospital and for the HOH. I spent time on the phone with a Lieutenant from the US army today coming up with proper coordinates to get a helicopter in here, so pray we'll be able to work that out in the coming days so we can help alleviate the needs of the wounded in the hospitals in PAP.

I have spent quite a bit of time working different angles trying to get medical supplies here to the hospital. So far we've had donations from several different locations including the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, and Duke University. We were able to work together with some other mission groups in the area, and they helped us get some of this stuff here. It's amazing how many people want to help out.

I have been blessed by you all as well, and those of you who have offered to send us the things in the list I posted. I haven't had a chance to answer all of you who have written with questions just yet, but please be patient, I will answer you all! Also, remember if you post a comment on the blog and have questions, I need an e-mail address where I can answer you.

Because all schools are closed, the HOH is once again a very busy place. We are trying to come up with some things to keep all these kids and young people busy and out of trouble. We are hoping to start implemeting some programs and studies for them in the weeks ahead, especially if school doesn't get started up again any time soon.

Everyone here sends their thanks for your encouragement, your prayers and your support. We appreciate you all very much, and ask for your continued prayers as we minister to those around us who have been through so much these past few weeks. Please remember to pray specifically for Marie Ange who will be returning to PAP tonight. She is going to continue her job as a nurse, as she is greatly needed there at this time. Pray for safety for her, and for courage to take opportunities to share the Good News of Jesus with those she ministers to.

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Bobbie Luymes said...

Hi Jennie, Is Gail the only other Crossworld missionary there at Lapointe besides you? It sounded that way in your last entry...that surprises me...if not who is all there? My email is lesothobound@gmail.com. Praying so much for all of you...hugs to Linda.
"Miss Bobbie" (Bobbie Luymes)