Thursday, January 21, 2010

Shipping things to us...

The boat that usually brings in supplies for us is arriving back in Miami and will be packing up in the next few weeks to bring supplies into Haiti. If you want to help us collect supplies that we can both use to give care to the kids at the HOH and to give to others who are in need at this time, feel free to check out this web page. I've posted it on the website of our new project "Hope Village" so hopefully it doesn't confuse you to much. If you get to the main page, click on the "Our biggest needs" link, If you have any questions feel free to ask... Here's the link:

One last thing, if you have access to hospital type medical supplies, I didn't put any of that stuff on the list of things we need. Most of that stuff wouldn't be for the HOH but for the hospital located next door. Let me know in an e-mail if you'd rather send that type of stuff, and I'll send you the list...

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Unknown said...

Hi, a quick question about the hospital: the Sahana Foundation are trying to fill in a number of gaps in their list of hospitals in Haiti (see, one of which is listed as "Hospital Beraca La Pointe", in Port-De-Paix municipality.
The key piece of information that they need is the location, as accurately as possible - if this is the same hospital then I'm sure any help you can give will be very appreciated.

With love & prayers,