Friday, March 13, 2015


I am sorry, I got the pictures of the girls dresses mixed up.  This particular batch came from our friends in Simcoe, Ontario Canada.  We received "Pillowcase" dresses from both locations.  Our girls just love wearing them -- it's hard to get the some of the girls to wear other things!  They are just so comfortable and cool in the hot weather.  So thank you so much to all the ladies in Manitoba and Ontario who lovingly sew these dresses for us.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Doing much better

Wow!  The difference prayer and a few days of healing makes!  Oliana is feeling much better.  Her sugar levels started to drop earlier this week, and she was even able to give us a bit of a smile today...
Thank you so much for your prayers.  Continue to pray that the doctors will have the wisdom to know what needs to be done for her in the long term. 

I was chatting with the kids the other day, and my cute little Siliana (Nanni) asked me to ask you to pray for her.  All the kids are starting to write their mid-term exams this coming week.  And if you remember, she has such trouble with school.  So... please pray for her and all the other kids.
From L to R:  Valandjina, Dieula, Micah, Ivinsky, Siliana in their school uniforms.

We receive so many kinds of help from all kinds of people from all over the place!  Lately we were blessed to receive some more "Pillow Case Dresses" from some of our supporters here in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba.  Here are some pictures of the girls modeling them...

Thank you everyone for all the different kinds of way you are part of the this ministry.  Blessings to you all!!

Friday, March 06, 2015

Urgent Prayer Needed

She has come so far, but this week her health has taken a huge turn for the worse.  Oliana has been at the HOH since 2002.  When she came to us, her parents had already purchased her casket and clothes to bury her in; the HOH was her last hope.  The pictures of her condition when she first arrived are too disturbing to post them online, but here is one of her soon into her recovery...
After much research our pediatrician realized Oliana was suffering from Celiac disease.  After months on a strict diet, she made an amazing recovery.   After a time of fairly good health, Oliana once again became sick.  After many tests and a trip to Port-au-Prince to see a specialist it was determined that her pancreas had been badly scarred during the critical period of her illness, she was now diabetic.  Over the next few years we struggled to regulate her diet and insulin needs, but for the most part she was able to flourish in spite of her health issues.  Here is a picture of her birthday party in August of 2011...
In the past couple of years, however, she has had her ups and downs.  Last week she hit a tough spot, and her sugar levels spiked extremely high.  Now a week later they have not been able to get this under control, and the doctors are no longer sure what else they can do for her.  This picture was taken this evening...
As you can imagine, this is extremely difficult on everyone.  Oliana is such a beautiful young lady, she tirelessly helps anyone and everyone at the HOH.  She is one of Linda's biggest helpers for her personal needs.  Everyone feels so helpless now at this time of her need.  She has found the Spiritual hope of Life in Jesus since being at the HOH and for that we are very thankful.   But she once again is in need of physical healing and hope.  We are asking that you pray for her and for all of those caring for her at this time.  Pray for wisdom for the doctors as they give her medical care, pray for Linda and the other HOH kids as they minister to her physical needs at this time.  Pray for courage and strength for Oliana to not lose heart during this difficult time, and pray for God to be glorified through all who are playing a part in this.  Pray also for her family members, some of them are not believers.