Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Here we go again...

Well, no doubt by now you've heard of another hurricane going through the Caribbean.  So far, it looks like the eye of Maria will go by even further North and East then Irma.  This is good for our part of Haiti and while we might get rain and wind from the outer bands, we are hoping it's not too bad.  We'd really appreciate your prayers though, as you know these things can be quite unpredictable.  We have a shipment of food for the HOH on the way to Haiti this week -- pray that it arrives safely.

Another area of prayer is for Linda as she has to travel to Port-au-Prince this week for some meetings with the leadership of our Haitian Mission.   As you can imagine traveling around Haiti is tough for her on a good day.  This week they are facing some unrest and demonstrations popping up from time to time, and now there's the possibility of bad weather due to the hurricane. 
Sweet Lovedine will be Linda's travel partner to help her out along the way.

Some of the boys will be driving them down.  And the Joseph and the young leaders will hold down the fort along with our staff.  Pray for safety as they travel.  For good meetings while they are there, and for health especially for Linda.  Seems like there is a virus going through the house -- about 10 woke up with colds and fevers this morning!

The rest were up and ready for school early.  
Here they are eating breakfast before they head out...

We are so grateful for the many ways you support us!  Thank you for keeping us in your prayers and  have a great week. 

Monday, September 11, 2017

School Starts (Take 2)

The kids officially got started back to school this morning.  It really ended up being very good they didn't have school last week, as we had the whole Irma thing to deal with.  But it was good to have them all get off this morning.  Here are a couple of pictures...
 Manouchka and Mits 
(I know this picture looks like they are being tortured -- but they really were excited to go this morning!)
Valandjina is ready to head off for the 5th grade

In the end, there wasn't a lot of damage to our area of Haiti after the storm went by our Northern coast.  We seemed to have had a lot more rain than other areas were reporting, but that is not anything new for us.  We are grateful for being spared, while at the same time realizing with sad hearts that many other people were not.  

Our prayers continue to be for our friends, family and supporters in areas of the Caribbean and US who were severely affected by these storms and ask you to do the same.   It feels so weird for them to be the ones in need and not be able to help them as they so often do for us when we are in need.  So for that, we ask you to pray along with us as they have some weeks of tough recovery ahead of them.  

We are so thankful for your support in so many ways.  Thank God for us as we received enough funds this past week to be able to pay off the first installment for the kids' school tuition.  God is so faithful in providing for our needs -- thank you for being a part of that provision. 

Friday, September 08, 2017

The morning after!

Good morning, heard from Linda this morning. It was a pretty scary night for them, the wind was fierce, she said she wondered if the house would still be standing! It is still raining a lot as it did through most of the night. She doesn't know how it is in our community, but we'll update you later about that. Just wanted to let you know they are ok.

Thursday, September 07, 2017


The HOH has experienced intermittent rain and strong winds most of the afternoon into this evening.  They are doing fine though and are so appreciative of your prayers.  The eye of the storm hasn't quite gone past yet, but it is further north than it had looked earlier -- so that is something to really be thankful for.  We have heard that people in our town who live by the ocean had to be evacuated because the ocean was really getting rough.  But we likely won't know until tomorrow what the whole area looks like.  Thanks for your prayers, please keep them up -- and pray also for the others getting hit now, and those down along the line. 

In the meantime, they are busy celebrating Linda's Birthday -- it's nice they have something else to keep them all occupied.  


Linda said the HOH woke up to nasty weather this morning, and all the path projections show just some of the outer bands have reached our area.  So, please keep them all in your prayers as the day goes forward.  

It is also Linda's Birthday today -- the kids have been planning a party for days -- not sure how this will impact it, but if you are able to -- send her your best wishes.  She can be found on Facebook.  Or if you send me an e-mail, I can pass it along to her.  Thanks for standing with us during this time of uncertainty. 

Monday, September 04, 2017

School & Irma

There's nothing quite like the excitement of the first day of school -- for those who like school.  Nothing quite like the dread of those who don't. Over the weekend Linda and her helpers were able to unpack and hand out all the school supplies we had sent in over the past couple of weeks.  Here are some pictures of the fun...

It's always quite a production to get the right shoes/sock/underwear and other supplies to each of our 50 students.  But they pulled it off, and were able to get everyone ready for this morning.  The only picture I got was of Lala, who is now officially finished Elementary School and is starting in Secondary school this year.  She is really excited...

But, as so often happens in life -- the excitement turned to dread and the dread to excitement when the majority of our students were sent home and told to come back next week.  What could have possibly caused all of our students to get sent home?  Nothing they or we did for sure!  The schools told them, they simply weren't ready for students yet! 

We aren't going to complain though, we have other things to occupy our time this week.  You might have heard of the bad hurricane, Irma, heading our way.  While getting ready for school last week, our kids spent a lot of time praying for our supporters and supporting churches in the Houston area.  And now we need all of your prayers for us as we are facing our own.  All the projections show it going right over us with the eye itself a little too close to that northern coast line of Haiti where we are.  

We will be spending the next few days making as many preparations as possible, but we could sure use your prayers.  Ultimate good thing for us would be for it to break up as it hits islands heading our way -- but then that's not too good for them.... no easy best case scenarios here.  Please just pray for Linda to receive the funds we've sent down in time to purchase food and fuel.  And for wisdom for her and the older kids as they face the uncertainty of the storm and the days ahead.  Pray for our other colleagues, friends and family all over Haiti for God's protection and provision for all of us.  

Thank you so much for helping us in all the many ways that you do.

Monday, August 21, 2017

HOH Fall 2017 Newsletter

Many thanks for those of you who prayed for Linda over the past 2 weeks.  She  made it through and is doing well.  Now she is headlong into getting the kids ready for school.  6 of our young men are re-writing their final High School government exams.  They did not pass the first time but did good enough to try again this week. They'd really appreciate your prayers for them, they are:  Rosnel, Joseph, Obed, Wilken, Evelt, Herby.

We have just put out a new newsletter and wanted to share it with you here...
We hope you have a great week.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Filling you in...

Again, we would like to thank you for your prayers over this past week.  Jn Mary is doing better and the cholera has not spread to the others.  We are so thankful for this as it can really spread easily if everyone is not careful.  

Linda is in her second week of teaching the Child Evangelism Fellowship teaching course.  She would really appreciate your prayers as she is juggling many things in order to do this ministry she really loves to do.  With school starting soon she is trying to get things like inscriptions, uniforms and supplies ready at the same time.  Thank you for holding her up in prayer.

I wanted to give you a quick update on Lyse. She is doing really well and came several times to see us at the HOH while I was there.  She has gone 3 months without need of a blood transfusion and really seems to be doing much better as far as her all around health goes.  Her parents asked me to thank you for your prayers for them.  This whole experience has stretched their faith and pushed them to trust in their Heavenly Father more and more.  

We got some good news about some possible help for some of the mattresses we need.  While we haven't worked out details, we are excited to see some possibilities there.  We will still need others, so if this is something you can help with either with actual mattresses, financial help to get them or in prayer... thank you for whatever you can do to help us out with this.  

Please continue to also pray for the upcoming school year and provision for the school fees we will need to pay for our students.  Thank you so much for your part in this special ministry.  Have a great week!

Monday, August 07, 2017

Better Today

Greetings to everyone.  Jn Mary is doing much better today, they feel they have the Cholera under control, and he was able to come back home this morning.  We are still monitoring the other kids for the next few days to see if they come down with any symptoms, but so far they are all doing ok.  Thank you so much for your prayers. 

I wanted to share this video clip with you that some of the team members who were visiting the HOH put together.  This was done by James & Katie McCarthy -- and I've put the link here with their permission.  Hope you can enjoy a glimpse of their time in Haiti and a glimpse of life at the HOH; just go to this link to watch it...

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Hit with Cholera...

This wasn't the update I was hoping to write when I said I'd write again soon.  Last night the HOH was hit with Cholera when Jn Mary (pictured here working on his camp craft) came down with it.
He was admitted to our partnering hospital's Cholera wing and has been given IV solution and oral serum all night long.  Linda says he seems to be doing better this morning. 

This is not good news to hear from our standpoint, because Cholera spreads like wildfire and it can be fatal or bring other more complicated health problems after it.  At a place like the HOH it could spread very quickly and with some of our kids so frail it could be very hard on them.  Jn Mary is one of our very helpful kids, quite often taking care of the younger ones during the day -- this could have caused him to spread it around before he showed symptoms.  We'd like to ask you to pray...

  • That it doesn't spread to others -- that the measures they have taken to disinfect the HOH, and are taking to not spread it further would work and no others would come down with it.
  • That Jn Mary would continue to improve and recover from this completely.
  • For strength and wisdom for Linda.  She has had some busy weeks and is supposed to teach a 2 week Child Evangelism Fellowship course starting tomorrow.  This is not something she needs on her plate right now.
  • For Rosnel (one of our older boys, pictured below) as he gives one-on-one care to Jn Mary while he is sick and down in the Cholera ward.  Pray for his protection and health as he takes care of Jn Mary.
 Thank you so much for your prayers on our behalf.

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Full speed ahead...

Summer vacation has been cut short this year in our part of Haiti.  Many of our kids are either taking make-up summer courses, exams or already back into classes in preparation for the upcoming school year.  Each school seems to try and come up with the perfect plan to make their students get ahead and because of this we had to push the fast-forward button on our summer plans with the kids.

Now that I am living in Canada so I can help the HOH more effectively, it's always a joy for me to head back to spend some time with my very big family there.  After a few days of travel -- I was more than ready for the exuberant reception when our car pulled into the HOH yard.  100 + hugs and kisses can make up for any amount of travel frustration!

I was so thrilled to see first hand how things are going at the HOH.  Linda and her team of young leaders are doing a great job of the every day running of things.  It is really moving to watch God  using our unique individual abilities and gifts to bring hope to the children and youth in our care.  On this particular trip I was very encouraged by our older boys, some of whom no longer live at the HOH taking their role of "older brother" seriously.  In their distinct ways, they were an invaluable help to me while I was there. They also regularly help out Linda as well as take an active role in helping the younger kids coming along behind them as they seek out their next steps in life.  It's exciting to watch it all happen.

Part way through my time there, we were joined by some friends from Miami and Colorado.  Pastor Dennis and Emma from MSPC have been down to help us out previously and this year they were joined by the Georges family, a Haitian family living in Miami and attending the same church.  From Colorado, James returned to the HOH -- this time with his wife Katie and their young friend Acacia.  Over the years, this summer team has come to mean so much to us all.  Their time was spent loving on our younger kids, encouraging the older ones and just making everyone feel special and loved as they joined in life with us.  

One of the biggest activities going on during our stay was our annual Summer Camp.  I'll wet your appetites with a picture of the 189 youth and children who attended the camp this year.  

I still have several thousand pictures to sift through (I told everyone I needed lots of pictures and they all took me seriously).  So, as I am able I'll share more with you about our time in Haiti  and show some of the pictures.  Keep in tune for more news and updates on the kids I saw there...

We were pleased to be able to meet up with a young lady who has spent the past number of months helping out at the HOH.  Sophie comes from France and while she was supposed to serve our head mission organization at another location in Haiti, she fell in love with the HOH -- and more specifically with several of our most needy kids.  She has spent countless hours caring for children like Madeline and Widson, and has made a huge difference in their lives and recovery process.  She has now finished her time in Haiti and has returned to France.  Her kind, caring spirit and willingness to help out wherever she was needed will really be missed.   (I will include her as well as the kids she has helped the most in the pictures in the future as well).

For now, I wanted to share two of the biggest needs we came across while down there because one of them is quite time sensitive.  
  • As I mentioned before, for some of our kids, school is already back in session -- meaning school fees are already starting to role in making this need urgent.  It costs us approximately $300 US  for each of our students to cover school fees, books and uniforms for the year.  Each year we send just under 50 kids to school.  Can you help us out with the financial needs we have in order to give our kids the hope of a future through education? 
  •  Our second need, while perhaps not as time sensitive is definitely urgent.  We are really in need of replacing our mattresses at the HOH.  Several years ago we were able to replace the crib mattresses, but we have been using the same mattresses on the beds for many years.  They are really in poor condition to the point of some of them being unsanitary.  Our beds are various sizes, but we need 62 mattresses ranging from trundle size up to Queen size.  If anyone happens to know of some place where we could get mattresses, or has a connection for us with regards to this need -- please get in touch with us for more details on exact sizes and numbers.  
We are so thankful for each of you who partner with us in so many ways.  We know that not everyone will be able to help us out, but we also know we have a Father who is able to meet all of our needs.  So, whether you can help us out with your prayers, sharing the news with others who might be able to help, or by giving financial gifts we ask that you consider helping us out with these needs. Thanks so much for caring about and helping us bring hope to the children and youth God brings into our home.  

More later...

Monday, June 26, 2017

Summer at last

Most everyone can relate to the sigh of relief that comes when summer is finally here.  School has ended for most of our kids and they are excited to begin their summer holidays.  And with them, a flurry of activity in our home...

Lala, Mike, Vava, Nannie and Kiky enjoyed an end of the year school field trip to a local beach...

 Esther gives Mits a ride in the hand-pedal tricycle
Finding ways to keep everyone busy and out of trouble becomes a full time job!  In this effort, Linda recruited our young men to start repairing things around the house that have been neglected over the past few months as everyone was deep into their studies.  

The benches and tables received a nice coat of paint and some tightening up in anticipation of our upcoming VBS Camp.
 The basketball court and play area got a fresh pour of cement...
And some holes in the roof and ceiling tiles were fixed.

A few of the kids are still studying, however, as the government exams for Grade 9 and Grade 13 are coming up.  Our grade 9 students:   Lovedine and Gachner will be writing exams the week of July 3.  And our Grade 13 students:   Sonson, Evelte, Herby, Reginald and Toodley, will be writing the week of July 10.  They'd really appreciate your prayers as they work study hard and take these often difficult exams.  

The next event on everyone's minds is the upcoming Spiritual Life Conference held by our parent Haitian organization each year.  Literally thousands of people descend on our little village to take part in Bible studies, times of worship and music and most notably for our kids a special children's program throughout the week.  Our kids love learning new songs and joining into some fun with other children from all over Haiti.  It is a highlight of their year and it happens in early July.

But the really exciting upcoming event is my (Jenny's) arrival during the 2nd week in July.  We have a great VBS day camp planned for this year -- the theme is Galatians 2:20, "...I no longer live ...but Christ who lives in me."  The Bible study books are made up and packed in my suitcases, the crafts and games are planned and supplies on their way in.  A team of 6 from Miami and 3 from Colorado are going to be joining us the 3rd week in July for the actual camp, and around 200 children and youth (80 from the HOH and the rest from our local area) are counting down the days for it to start.  

We'd love it if you prayed with us for safety in travel for each one heading down to Haiti.  Pray that all our supplies arrive safely as well.  Pray for health while we're down there and pray for a great time of praising, learning and community together.

In the midst of all the activity, we have a new arrival at the HOH.  7 month old Hendy arrived a couple of weeks ago.  He is quite malnourished and we were asked to give him a hand as his mom was also receiving treatment in a local hospital and wasn't able to care for him.  
Gotta love those big eyes!  It has taken a little while to get him feeling better and willing to smile... but here it is....
I can't wait to get there and hold him!

We hope you all have a lovely summer and want you to know we appreciate you all so much and all the different parts you play in making this ministry possible.  As you can see we have some busy weeks ahead -- thank you for praying.  Thank you to each of you who have come on board to help us financially, there is still room for more on our partnering team.   $10 a month goes a long way in enabling us to bring hope to the children and youth in our care.  If you are interested in helping us out with our financial needs, please let us know or see the previous post to see how to give financial gifts.  

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Giving Information...

It was brought to my attention after writing the last update, that unless you go to the main House of Hope News blog page, you might not be able to see our partnering organizations information.  So I am including it here...
Financial donations can be made through Extreme Response at www.extremeresponse.org ,
or checks may be made out to: Extreme Response and sent to:
Extreme Response
PO Box 345
Snellville, GA

and in Canada:
Extreme Response Canada
PO Box 1013
Simcoe, ON N3Y 5B3

Donations may also be made through Crossworld at www.crossworld.org,
or send a check made out to Crossworld to:
10000 N. Oak Trafficway,
Kansas City, MO 64155

Or in Canada to:
1020 Matheson Blvd. E. #11
Mississauga, ON L4W 4J9

For both, please include a note that it is for the House of Hope in Haiti. All gifts are tax deductible.

Thanks again for considering helping us financially.

Seeing Improvement

Good Morning!  Thank you all for your patience in awaiting another update from us.  The past month has been quite busy and we appreciate so much your prayers for us all.  Jenny is safely back in Canada after her travels (more on that later).  And for now, here's what's happening at the HOH...

Praise God we are finally starting to see some marked improvement with Dorothy.   They have been able to remove the feeding tube as she is eating and taking her meds on her own.  She also has more strength, participates in some of the activities around the HOH and is in much better spirits.  Unfortunately, her extended period of time so deathly sick seems to have taken a toll on her mental health and she is having trouble thinking and processing through things so please continue to keep her and her complete healing in your prayers.
 A big thank you to everyone who has specifically prayed for Dorothy -- it has made a difference!

Widson has also shown marked improvement after spending this month with us.  The change in him is amazing, and while he still can't do a lot of things a child of his age should be able to do, we have high hopes as he gets stronger and stronger he'll be able to improve in those area as well.

 As you can see, he's not able to hold his head or sit on his own yet, but look at that smile!  

Lyse seems to be doing better these days as well, but we know it will be a long struggle yet for her with her condition.  The constant ups and downs can really take a toll on her parents and you can continue to pray for her parents as the face each day with her and try to meet her needs as they come up.  Getting blood to transfuse Lyse is always a problem as her blood count seems to drop rapidly when it does and the local blood bank doesn't always have enough supply.  We are thankful she has a very common blood type and we are extremely thankful for God's provision and keeping her this far.

Rain seems to be the biggest problem for the HOH and surrounding area these days.  It has been raining off and on for the past number of days and is starting to cause some damaging flooding in our town and also the town of Port-de-Paix, close by.  While the HOH hasn't received any damage, the same cannot be said for our town, our staff's homes and some of our kid's extended families who live in the area.  We'd ask you to pray for the people who are most affected.  Pray for God's provision to repair and replace what has been lost, for strength and courage as something like this really takes a toll mentally and physically on them.  Pray also for some sun to replace the rain so they can dry things out and clean up the mess left behind.

Thank you so much for your prayers for me (Jenny) as I traveled to Philadelphia, Vermont and the Lancaster areas.  I had such a wonderful time reconnecting with friends, family and partners in that area.  A huge thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make me comfortable, encourage me and help me share the news of what God is doing at the HOH.  Pray with us that from this time visiting with His people in those areas, God would bring more partners alongside of us to help us continue this special work.  

We are encouraging people to consider helping us with $10 a month in financial help.  It may not seem like a lot, but with the many people who truly care about this ministry, when you put it all together -- it enables us to bring hope to those God brings through our doors.  Over the 61 years that the House of Hope has been functioning, thousands of children have found hope here.  And while the financial needs feel daunting at times, we know God has shown us time and time again that He will provide all of our needs.  If you'd like to help us in this area, please let us know or simply send your gifts to one of our sponsoring organizations listed on this page.   And if you are not able to -- we totally understand that and ask for your continued prayers as we bring hope to the children of Haiti.  Thanks so much for whatever way you can and do help us out!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Welcome to Our Home, Widson!

We hope this update finds you all doing well and enjoying this special time of the year.  Easter is always an exciting time at the HOH.  Not only are the kids home from school the whole week, each year they together with Linda put on an open air, evening conference in our yard to share the Good News of Jesus with all who come.  Each evening they have a time of singing, worship and one of our local pastors shares the Gospel and the special meaning of this time of the year.
Linda reports that the meetings have been well attended.  On top of the 100 or so people in our family, there are so many people coming from our local community some nights there is standing room only.  The meetings will continue throughout this week, ending with a special service on Easter Sunday morning.  It is always exciting watching our young adults put their skills and talents into something like this.  Please pray for all the people involved in these meetings, pray as God's Word and Good News is shared that it would be heard, received and life changing for those who hear it. 

Another event this week has brought some excitement into our home as well.  We were happy to receive a new baby boy named Widson.  
He is 2 and a half years old but extremely malnourished and underdeveloped.  He is the son of a teen mom who abandoned him at a hospital in another town, so they brought him to us.  Unless something extreme happens, looks like he'll be part of our family for a while.  And this make certain people at the HOH very happy... like...
Lala just turned 13 and she was so excited at Widson's arrival, she declared herself his new "mom".  Lala loves being "mom" to the babies most in need and what could be better than a new baby on the very week she was off school!  But she's not the only one happy to give care.  All of us at the HOH are happy to have this addition to our family, and we are so thankful for your support in so many ways that helps us help children like Widson.

Here are some ways you can pray for us these days:
  • The issue with our funds is still not solved, although we hope it will be in the coming week.  If anyone wants to help us with our shortfall during this time, please send gifts to Extreme Response  (www.extremeresponse.org).  Thank you to those of you who have helped out with this already.
  • I, Jenny, had great weekend with Ashern Gospel Chapel in Ashern, Manitoba last weekend.  What a great group of people, it was a great weekend and we are happy to have new partners join our team.  Now, I am preparing for my trips to the North Eastern US.  Pray as I rush to finish logistics and travel next weekend.  I'll be at Valley Bible Church in White River Junction, VT the weekend of April 28 - 30.  Then Grace Baptist Church in York, PA the next weekend. 
  • Thankfully, our three sickly girls all seem to be doing better this week.   We appreciate your prayers for them.  Please continue to pray for their healing.
I will be busy over the next couple of weeks, so if you don't hear from us for a while -- please know we appreciate your prayers and support as together we bring hope to the children and youth in our care.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Things to Pray about

Life can be uncertain at times and it's always nice to have a team of partners to share things with and know you will pray with us about them.  It is also a comfort to know that even though we have no idea how each of these issues are going to work out in the end; we know we can trust our Father to walk with us and no matter the outcome, work things out for His glory.   So, we want to share a few things we've been dealing with and ask you to pray with us about them.  

  • The Fletcher family who have been part of the larger HOH family for years had an unexpected death in their family.  Jonathan had come to the HOH several times and left a very impressionable mark on all of us.  He passed away suddenly, leaving behind a wife and small daughter.  They could really use your prayers during this difficult time.  Pray also for our kids, Dieujuste and Desimène who are especially close to the Fletcher family and took this news hard.

  • Then comes our 3 girls with medical issues... 
    • Lyse has taken another turn for the worse and need another transfusion of blood.  Pray that they can locate that for her and find veins to be able to give it to here.  
    • Dorothy continues to remain the same with no noticeable improvement.  At least she isn't worse, so please continue to pray for her.
    • Oliana, our young lady with the numerous health issue, diabetes being the most difficult is really in rough shape again.  This morning they woke up to her being completely delirious and not knowing who she was or where she was.  Her blood sugar levels are just on a roller coaster up and down and they are having difficulty stabilizing them.  She has been with us a long time and is such a huge part of our family.  Please pray for wisdom for the doctors, courage and strength for all those who are caring for Oliana, especially Linda (as many of you might be able to empathize, it is so difficult to feel so helpless and unable to help someone who means so much to you), and pray for healing for Oliana.
  • Our last challenge of the week is that our parent Haitian organization has encountered some issues with their US bank.  They are working very hard to get it all sorted out but in the meantime are not able to get us any funds through them.  We had already waited almost a month to receive the funds they sent us and now we found out we can't access them.  As you might be able to imagine, this puts us in a very tough spot and has caused quite a bit of stress this week.  We are so thankful that we received a shipment of dry food this past week, so we are still able to feed the kids, but we are going to need some help to get through this challenge until those funds can flow again.  We are also thankful that we have more than one method of receiving funds.  While most of our funds come through the Haitian organization, we do have another partnering organization that can receive funds for us and get them to us in a much less complicated method.  We'd ask you to pray for 2 things:
    • Pray that the Haitian organization can work out this bank issue and get our funds flowing again.
    • Pray that God would provide for our immediate financial needs through other gifts. (if anyone wants to help us out with this need, they can donate through Extreme Response International either online at www.extremeresponse.org or by sending a check to one of their offices:  PO Box 345, Snellville, GA  30078-0345; or PO Box 1013, Simcoe, ON  N3Y 5B3  Canada).
Thank you so much for caring about us and our needs.  Thank you for praying for us and helping us face our challenges.  Thank you for loving our kids and holding up their needs before our loving Father.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Ups and Downs...

We were full of good news in our last update.  But you have to be ready in our line of ministry for the ups and downs.  This past couple of weeks has not been as good for our two girls that we've been tracking with you all.  

Dorothy has not made any more progress ahead.  She continues to receive her food and meds through the tube and cannot spend much time out of bed.  They doctors continue to be stumped and unsure of their diagnosis.  But we are doing everything we can for her at the moment.  Please continue to pray for her physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

Lyse had a rough couple of weeks as well.  Her blood count dropped significantly and the local blood bank was out of blood for over a week.  As you can imagine, her parents were incredibly frustrated and discouraged as they waited for blood to become available.  Thankfully they found some and she has received it now.  Please continue to pray for all of them.

Meanwhile, we have received a few newcomers to our home these past couple of weeks.  Brothers, Markens (3) and Marc Edner (2), came to the HOH with malnutrition. 

Another little girl, Rose Naisha (20 months) came with malnutrition as well.  

These children will be at the HOH at least a couple of months as we feed and care for them and also find out what is going on with their family situation.  Often, with learning some of the issues going on in the family home and then with some education for the moms or other key family members; these children are able to return home once they are healthy again.  

As for the rest of the HOH...
  • Our students are facing mid-term exams and so are studying and feeling a bit stressed.  They'd really appreciate your prayers for them.   
  • Our vehicle is broken down.  It is being fixed, but it is taking a lot longer than originally thought.  It is a vital part of our work and not having it to rely on is tough on Linda and the young people who help her.  You could pray that it gets back up and running again soon.
  • While we've significantly reduced our debt to the hospital, it is not completely gone yet.  Our staff are really due a raise, but we are not allowed to raise the salaries until our bill is at zero.  Please continue to pray that we would receive more funds and be able to pay this off -- then that we would get in enough to give our staff a much needed and very  much overdue raise.
  • Jenny will be making a trip to the North Eastern US to visit some supporting churches, friends, family and supporters.  She hopes to encourage our current supporters and also pick up some new ones as she travels.  She will be in the Philadelphia area off and on from April 22 to May 13. She'll be in White River Junction, VT at Valley Bible Church for the weekend of April 28-30.  Then she'll be in the Lancaster, PA area from May 4 - 10.   Sunday, May 7th she'll be at Grace Baptist Church in York, PA.  If you are in or around those areas and would like to schedule a time to get together with her -- just let her know.  If you want to come to one of the church services while she's there -- you are most welcome.  She hopes to see as many of you as she can!  For those who aren't in the area, please pray for safety and health as she travels.
We are so thankful for each of you who plays such an important part in this ministry.  This past month here are some of the blessings we've also received:
  • A church sent us some tubs of much needed clothing and medical supplies -- especially insulin syringes that we've had trouble getting in our area of Haiti.
  • A friend in Haiti has been working hard to help us get our car fixed.  A supporter raised funds to help us cover the costs of fixing it.
  • A church donated funds to cover food costs and shipping this month.  The food started arriving over the weekend as the boat was being unloaded.  Food shipments are always a huge help to Linda.  A friend in Miami always helps us purchase it and ship it over -- couldn't do this without him.
  • Another church sent over a bunch of sheets and towels -- they haven't been unloaded off the boat yet, but the excitement is high for those -- everyday they wait for those drums to get offloaded!
  • Many of you have supported us either with finances, encouragement or prayers -- We are so blessed by you all.  Thank you!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Good News!

I received some good news from the HOH and wanted to share it with you.  It seems like Dorothy is steadily improving, and was even able to stand for a little bit yesterday.  Linda took a picture for me to post so you all can see how she's doing and rejoice with us...
Thank you so much for your prayers for her.  We'd ask that you continue to pray that she will take her meds on her own volition (we are still having to give them to her in a tube), eat our good food and continue to improve.  Also pray for her emotional needs.  Many of our kids know what if feels like to be discouraged and feel like there is no hope; so pray that they will be able to minister to Dorothy and share the hope they have found with her.

Another good bit of news I received last night is that our little girl Lyse is doing much better.  She had a crisis a couple of weeks ago and needed a blood transfusion.  When they went back earlier this week to have a check up they found that for the first time in her life her blood count went up not down in the past couple of weeks.  This feels like a big turn of events in her little life and while she is not out of the woods yet, we feel this is a big step ahead.  Please continue to pray for her and her family as well.
Lyse has a lot to smile about these days!!

Thanks so much for your care for this special place.  We appreciate the many ways you stand with us to bring hope to these precious ones.  Have a great rest of the week!!