Monday, January 15, 2018

Thank you!

We appreciate your prayers for us so much.  Little Moise is doing better.  He came back to the House of Hope from the hospital, but is still in need of constant nursing care.  He is still having some trouble breathing, but overall is doing better and has not had seizures again.  
He slept most of the night...
School finally started today and life seems to be getting back to normal.  We appreciate your holding us up in prayer over this past tough week.   We wish you all joy and peace in the week ahead.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Prayer needed for Moise

Good Morning.  We are asking you to please pray for out little baby Moise.  (If you read a few posts back you'll find out how he came to be with us).  He has been sick all week and has now been admitted to our partner hospital.  He's having trouble breathing and they have put him on oxygen, but this morning he has started to have seizures.  Unfortunately, we are unable to locate the medicine needed to stop the seizures and we have sent our boys off to the next town over to try and find it there. 
He has been with us just a few months, but is a beloved member of our large family.  As you can imagine it is difficult for everyone to see him like this.  Please pray for wisdom for the doctors to know how to help him.  Pray that we can find the medicines and supplies needed to help him.  Pray for Linda and all the others giving him care.  It's complicated having him down at the hospital and not in our home as people have to go down to be with him 24/7.  

At the same time, we are very thankful that we have a hospital and doctors so close by who are able to help us with our medical needs.  We are thankful that Handy the other baby not doing well is doing much better.  We are thankful for God's provisions that allow us to care for this precious life.  And we are thankful for you all who support us in so many ways -- especially right now with your prayers at this difficult time.

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Happy New Year!

Greetings to all of you and a very Happy New Year as well!  We are sorry for the long pause in updating the blog, as you can imagine it's been a busy time for everyone.  Jenny just returned from her travels and things at the HOH are slowly getting back to normal.

The Christmas celebrations were a really special time for everyone.  The older HOH kids worked very hard along with St. Germain and Linda to host a Christmas Program for our local community.  On Christmas Eve over 150 of our neighbors came to hear songs, Bible verses and skits celebrating the Greatest gift of all -- Jesus.  
Here is Linda and some of the kids on the day of the program:

Then, on Christmas Day they had a special meal all together along with our staff members.  
Here is the staff table:
And some of the kid's tables:
The meal was finished with a special treat of homemade cake!

The kids waited patiently through the day as the meal was prepared, then eaten.  But the main event was still to come -- the presents -- sent to us from Grace Baptist Church in York, PA with the help of our friends in Miami and the Miami Shores Presbyterian Church.  It is such a blessing to have so many people work together to make sure this was a special time for the House of Hope.
Here are a few pictures of the joy these gifts brought to the kids:
Thank you to everyone who made it possible for our kids to have a nice Christmas and also have the chance to share the Best News Ever with those in our local community.  All of it is important: your prayers, financial donations, participation in getting us supplies and food, as well as sending gifts and clothing.  Without your giving and help, the work at the HOH would not be possible.  Thank you!

Now we are into the new year and it has been a tough start to 2018 in our part of Haiti.  It rained through the entire past weekend and many homes were flooded, some destroyed and lives lost.  Some of our own staff members lost their belongings as their homes flooded out.  The start of school had to be cancelled, but they hope to start again tomorrow.  As you can imagine this has been a tough weekend for many around us.  Please pray for us as we seek ways to help those in need, especially our staff members and their families.  If you'd like to help with these needs, please let us know.

We do have another couple of prayer requests:

  • First would be for health for several at the HOH who are not feeling well, including Linda -- who has been working very hard these past couple of weeks and now feels a bit worn down and under the weather.  Also having a tough time are our babies, Moise and Handy.  Both of them have diarrhea and are quite dehydrated -- they are receiving hydration solutions and we hope that they will recover soon.  
  • One last person on our sick list is Jamesley, our young man who struggles with Hemophilia.  He's been going through a tough time lately, and is going to need surgery this coming week.  Please pray for him and the doctors.
  • Then, we'd ask you to pray for a solution to the water shortage.  I know that might sound strange given that they've had non-stop rain for the past 4 days.  But the flooding has messed up the water pipes, what water they do get through is so muddy you can't use it and the pump on our campus isn't working to get us water from the well.  So, as you can imagine -- it's a bit frustrating and complicated caring for our large family with limited muddy water and needing to find and purchase water for them to drink.  
Anyone wanting to help financially with the needs of caring for the babies, children and young people at the HOH can send donations to either Extreme Response ( or Crossworld (  Both these organizations give tax-deductible receipts and pass on your gifts to us.  These gifts enable us to provide hope in many forms to the HOH -- including medical expenses, food and nutrition, Eductation, love, care and spiritual hope.  Thank you for your help in this way.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Christmas Excitement

Christmas is always a special time of year at the House of Hope.  The house gets decorated, excitement builds as talk of Christmas gifts fills the air, practice begins for the Christmas program the kids put on, and songs are sung about the coming of God's gift to us -- Jesus.

It is especially exciting for the kids who haven't been at the HOH for Christmas before.  They hear all the stories from the experienced kids, and some days it's hard to contain all that energy!  This year has been particularly challenging as there has been so much rain, school has been cancelled a lot and Linda has to keep everyone occupied at home!  

Last week, former HOH kids St. Germain came back home to help direct the decorating of the house.  He is very gifted in this area, and together with the kids who are at the HOH now they did a beautiful job.  Here are some pictures...

One of our very talented and creative boys, Reginald even built a few fireplaces to add to the atmosphere:

Yesterday, two things added to the excitement in the house.  First of all, the Christmas presents arrived on the boat...
It might not look like much now -- but in these plastic totes are all kinds of wonderful gifts our kids can't wait to see!  We are so grateful to Grace Baptist Church in York, PA who sends these gifts each year.  They make our kids feel so special and loved.

The second thing that brought excitement... FOOD!  Yes, we received a shipment of food to fill up our food pantry ahead of the holiday season...

Receiving these food shipments are such a blessing and we are grateful to our friends and partners in Miami who assist us in shipping these supplies down to the HOH.  Supplying food for our big family is always a stress for Linda.  This shipment will allow her to relax a bit over this Holiday season.

But, before all the fun stuff of the season begins... 
  • There are exams to finish writing.  So, please be in prayer as they write their exams over the next couple of weeks. 
  • Pray also for one of our beautiful young ladies who is suffering from depression and some mental health issues.  It is difficult finding proper treatment and someone who can help her in our area of Haiti.  We need to try and send her to Port-au-Prince this week to get better help for her.  Pray for wisdom and decisions to be made in that area.
  • The kids and Linda are working hard on preparing a special presentation of the true meaning of Christmas through skits and song.  Many people from our local community are always invited to come.  Pray for them as they share the Best News Ever with those in our community.
  • Jenny starts her trip to the US to speak on behalf of the HOH in a few locations this week.  Pray for safety as she travels and good times with friends, partners and family.
We appreciate you all and want to wish you all a wonderful Christmas season...

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Rain, Rain and more Rain!

That is what seems to be dictating life at the HOH these days.  We don't have "snow" days in Haiti -- but the kids sure do seem to be getting many "rain" days these days.  It affects all of life -- the roads turn into deep mud pits, traffic slows and even halts.  Food, produce and even charcoal to cook with becomes rare and the challenges of life seem to get even more challenging.  Because of this, I know Linda would appreciate your prayers for wisdom and patience to meet these challenges.

I wanted to share a great link with you today.  Tim Fausch from Extreme Response came down to Haiti with me on my last trip and wrote an informative post on the ER blog about the House of Hope.  I thought it might be interesting to you all hearing things from his perspective.  You can go to the link here:  Extreme Response Blog .

Monday, November 13, 2017

A Whirlwind Trip

Greetings to you all!  A big thank you for your prayers for my recent trip to Haiti.  Everything went just as we had planned it -- and if you know Haiti at all, you know that's a pretty big deal!  Three other Extreme Response Staff members joined me on this trip to Haiti and it was an amazing trip.

For me, the chance to get back and see 
Linda and the kids meant so much to me.  
Here's a picture of the best hug ever.... 
me and my Nannie!
For both of us the trip was too short and the tears were hard to hold back on the day I left. 
 I was thrilled to meet the newest member of our family, tiny Moise...
I held him every moment I was able to, 
what a precious little one.  
Can't wait to see him grow and get healthy in our care.

I'm not the only one charmed by the new baby
 Three year old Mits doesn't remember coming here around the same age as little Moise,
but he sure is excited to be here for his new little brother!

It was good to be able to get an update on some of our family who have been sick.  Oliana is definitely doing better and she asked me to thank you for your prayers.  You can just see that her poor body is having more and more trouble coming back from those crisis moments, so thank you for your continued prayers for her.  She is determined to continue with her studies and started back to school while I was there.

I was not able to see Lyse while I was there, but the fact that she didn't need to come to the hospital while I was there is always a good sign.  I was able to chat a bit with one of the other young ladies who is having some trouble with some mental health issues.  I won't publish her name for her own privacy, but if you could pray for her and for wisdom for Linda and our health care professionals as they try to work with her, that'd be great.  

It is always good for me to see the House of Hope through the eyes of people who have never seen it before.  So much happens in our home every day...
  • Our dedicated staff serves hundreds of meals each day.
  • Approximately 80 infants, children and young adults call the House of Hope home at any given time. 
  • We are able to help over 50 children and young adults receive an education.
  • Our yard is constantly filled with children and youth from our local community who find in our home a place of safety and refuge.  They simply call it, "The House".
  • Our kids, young and old, who have received help and hope for their lives are quick to pass that on to the others that come along behind them.
  • The love and hope of Jesus is spread both through many daily activities as well as through everyday life interactions.  

The visiting Extreme Response team put together a short video of our time at the House of Hope.   Here you can find it and see a bit of what they saw while there... House of Hope Haiti Slideshow 2017

All of this is possible because of you, our great team of partners who bless us with your support to keep this ministry going.  Thank you for your part. 

Monday, October 30, 2017

New Faces

Thanks so much for your prayers last week. I've had a hard time keeping in touch with Linda over the past couple of days due to some telephone problems, but it sounds like things are going ok in general from what I hear from the kids.  Since they haven't written me that Oliana and Lyse are any worse, I'm taking that to mean they are hanging in there.  Since I'm heading down this week, I'll see for myself firsthand and give you an update after I get back.

I'd appreciate your prayers for our trip down there.  I'm taking a group of 3 (we are all coming from 3 different countries) to two different places in Haiti in a matter of 6 days! So, as you can imagine there are a lot of logistics that have to fall in place.  

In the meantime, we have several new faces at the HOH... these have come in with various illness and will be with us for a time. 

This little 17 day old baby was brought to the HOH after his mother passed away.  He is named Moise (which is Moses in English)...
And here are two updates to make your heart smile.  These little ones are doing incredibly well having been with us for a while now...

 Hendy has put on a lot of weight in his few months with us -- he looks like a totally different boy!
Widson is also doing much better -- and always happy!

Thanks so much for all your prayers and support that give us the chance to bring hope to these precious lives.