Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Visitors Welcome!

A favorite time for the kids at the House of Hope is when we have visitors or visiting teams come down to spend time with them. They love the attention, love practicing their English, and just love building relationships with friends and supporters of the HOH.  

This week we have a team from Quebec down visiting. Among the visitors is Gislaine. Her heart was touched by Widson when she was down a couple of years ago and she's the one who sent him his special chair making it easier for him to participate in life at the HOH. 
We love to see these special bonds formed through time spent at the House of Hope. If any of you are interested in taking a team down to spend time and help at the HOH, please get in touch with us. You can find our contact information on our contact page here.

There are specific needs we have at different times. Right now we could really use some Physical Therapists who would be interested in going down to assess and give us ideas on how to help special needs kids like Widson.  We have news of some PTs being in our area of Haiti this coming week and they are going to try and stop by to start a program for these kids.  The next step would be for us to have some others go down later in the year to keep this going. If this is something you or someone else you know might be interested in, please let us know and we can see if we could work something out.  

We know going down to Haiti isn't something everyone is able to do and we are so thankful for the other ways so many of you support this ministry. Thank you for your prayers and giving that enable us to bring hope to those who come into our home. 

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Peace and Joy in the New Year!

Happy New year to all of you.  The House of Hope has finished their customary Haitian January 1st meal of pumpkin soup and the year is off. 

Yummy!! Pumpkin Soup is a favorite!

The past few weeks have been very busy at the HOH.  The kids finished up their final exams and started their Christmas vacation. The boys came home from their universities around Haiti. The boat arrived from Miami bringing the Christmas presents (at the last minute!).  And then it was time to just spend together as a family; reflect on Jesus, the reason we all have hope and be thankful and enjoy the last few days of 2018.  

Here is a peak of our past few weeks...
 The boy's are home...
 The house is decorated...
 New shoes for everyone...
 The gifts have arrived...
 The gifts are organized (really they are!)...
 First the Staff Party...
Then the Kids'...
Time for gifts...
Thank you God, we are so blessed...
And Thank you!  The House of Hope is a team effort.  We are so thankful for each one of our partners who allow us to bring the Hope of the Good News of Jesus to the children and youth in our corner of Haiti.  This past year had its share of disappointments and difficulties, but way more blessings and hope and you were a part of that!  We look forward to seeing what 2019 will bring and are happy you are along for the journey with us.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Merry Christmas!

As we prepare in multiple ways for the Christmas Season, we wanted to take the chance to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 03, 2018

HOH Newsletter

Linda and some of the kids were able to go to Port-au-Prince this past weekend to received the award we talked about in the last blog.  It was a really special time for all of them and we are so thankful it all went well from the travel to the awards ceremony to being able to spend some time with our kids who are there going to school.

There is a new edition of the House of Hope print newsletter going out to our partners far and wide this week.  This year's newsletter features a really neat story from the past.  To read it, follow this link:  House of Hope Newsletter
As you know, with the end of the year coming up there are always extra expenses for us and the need to bring in more support.   This letter encourages all of our supporters to see the way their support has helped us bring hope to so many children and youth over the years and encourages people to continue to help us do this.  Please pray with us as the letter goes out that God would use it to supply all of our needs.  

We have an exciting matching donation program going on this year with our partnering organization Extreme Response.  From now until the end of the year, all gifts given to the House of Hope through Extreme Response will be matched by a generous donor.  These matched funds will be used for various Extreme Response projects they have going on.  It is a great way to have your gifts go ever further.  In order to take part in this matching program, just send a gift to Extreme Response and mark it "for the House of Hope matching funds".  Donations can be given here.

We appreciate you all and the part you play in this ministry.  Have a great week!

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Good News!

I promised you some good news about the HOH.  We waited until this week to tell you, because it was supposed to be officially over today, the Universal Children's Day.  Unfortunately, Haiti is in a bit of a riot stage through this past weekend and the event had to be postponed.  But we will be nice and won't make you wait to hear our news.

This year, the House of Hope was awarded a special award for it's work with vulnerable children in Haiti. This award is given out annually in Haiti by the Network of Christian Organizations for the Development and Promotion of Children (ROCHEPE).  The members of this committee are from organizations working in Haiti including:  Compassion International, World Vision, Tearfund, Child Evangelism Fellowship, Medical Teams International as well as numerous others from within Haiti.

Linda and 6 kids from the HOH were supposed to attend an award ceremony in Port-au-Prince this evening, but unfortunately, the unrest has kept them from going.  It is uncertain when the ceremony will be rescheduled.  
Our faces were much like Widson's here when we heard the news.  (Isn't he doing great by the way?  His casts were recently removed).  It's not often we hear about, much less receive such things and we wanted to share it with you.  

The HOH has been doing this great work of bringing hope to children and youth who need it for 62 years now.  It is very hard work, but it is extremely rewarding as well.  And none of it could happen without you our faithful partners. 

So, in spite of the fact that we didn't actually receive the award yet (it is to come with a financial donation), we want to thank you for your part in helping us receive this recognition.  It's not why we work -- but it does feel good sometimes, to be noticed and appreciated.

Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Catching up!

Greetings to you!  I (Jenny) am back in Manitoba after my trip south and have been greeted with snow.  I am very thankful for an wonderful trip visiting churches, supporters and family throughout Texas.  Thank you to everyone who had a part in making this trip possible.  Some great supporters lent me their vehicle again so I could make the trip (almost 80 hours of driving!).  Many people hosted me in their homes, several churches had me speak and share what God is doing at the HOH.  Many others met me places or just took the time to visit with me while I was there.  Then there were those of you who prayed with me along the way.  I appreciate you all.  

At the HOH things are going well.  Life is getting back to normal after the earthquake and everyone is back to sleeping in their own rooms at night. The kids wrote their mid-term exams last week and then had a few days of vacation towards the end of the week.  They are getting into the swing of school and homework again and finally this week the last two of the girls got their new uniforms.  Manouchka and Kateleen have finally moved up to a skirt from their little shorts they  had in the earlier kindergarten years.  It is a proud moment for them!
We are having some struggles with our university students as the scholarships that they were promised have not been honored.  We are still in discussions with the direction of the school as it will be very difficult for us to continue giving them this level of schooling without that help.  You could pray with us as we continue to work through this.  Linda is to be heading to Port-au-Prince in the next couple of weeks and she hopes to be able to go to the school and discuss this with them. 

We were happy to receive a young lady named Alexandra at the HOH recently.  She will be staying several months to help out Linda and already has settled in well.  She calls Linda "Mom" and is helping out with various activities throughout the day.  She also is holding weekly classes in French and English for the kids on the weekends.  Keep her in your prayers as she works with us to bring various forms of hope to our kids.
We have a specific need for clothing at this time at the HOH and wanted to share that with you all.  We need clothing for all ages, but most specifically are in need of clothing for the middle age range, from 8 to 14 years old.  Used clothes are just fine with us and you would just need to get them to a Miami address for us.  If this is something you or your church could help us with, please get in touch with us and we can give you more details on how to get those to us.  You can write us at houseofhopehaiti1@gmail.com.

We have some good news to share with you, but you'll have to keep your eyes peeled for that as we will be able to post it on the next blog!  Many thanks to each of you for the way you support us.

Monday, October 08, 2018


Thank you to everyone who held us up in prayer over the past weekend.  There have been several big aftershocks that have really been scary for our kids and staff.  But they woke up in much better spirits this morning.  We are grateful for the encouragement and prayer support we have found.  

I want to welcome some of the new subscribers to these updates.  After posting our new website address last week, numerous people subscribed to receive these updates by e-mail.  So, welcome! You will now receive these blog updates by e-mail, automatically whenever the blog is updated.  Someone asked if I will still be sending out the e-mails now that we have the website and the answer is yes.  At some point I might move the blog over to the website so we have it all at the same place, but not just yet.  So, these updates will still come to you via e-mail.  

It might be a bit before I (Jenny) can update the blog again however, as I'll be traveling soon for the HOH.  I'll be speaking in churches in various places in Texas over the next few weeks and visiting supporters around there as well.   If I haven't already contacted you and you'd like a visit -- please be in touch.  

If you want to receive updates while I'm traveling, sign up for our closed HOH Facebook page, I will be updating that regularly (HOH facebook page).  You can receive those by e-mail too if you'd like, just let me know.

We appreciate each one of you and the part you play in this ministry.  Here are some general things to pray for over the next few weeks.
  • Jenny's travels -- safety, strength and  productive meetings with supporters and potential supporters.
  • Linda, the kids and our staff as they work through this this tough time they've been through with this earthquake.  Pray for God's joy and peace to fill their hearts as they deal with their fears and trauma.
  • Pray for God's provision of funds during this time to help with added expenses.  Prices for everyday items always go up after such events, plus we will have more mouths to feed as we help our neighbors who are suffering loss.  It is probable that we even get a few extra children admitted to the HOH who are dealing with injuries.  
  • Pray that the light of the Good News of Jesus would shine through the HOH into our community that is really suffering right now.