Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A great week has started!

Everyone is healthy, not an easy thing to have happen in a house with so many people living together! School is well underway, and we are all starting to get back into a routine that makes life a bit easier.

We’ve been able to start all of our Bible studies, and are once again enjoying the time to spend learning God’s Word together, and growing in our walk with Him. Please pray for me as I put together these lessons, that I’d have the wisdom and time to put into it to make them beneficial to all who participate. We even had a nurse from the hospital ask if she could start participating as well. So we just ask you to pray that God’s Word would change the lives of many people through the ministry of the HOH.

We praise God that the HOH received the full amount of what our budgeted needs are during this past month. Thank you for your prayers on our behalf for God’s financial provision of our needs, and please continue to pray for that in the coming month.

John Kerry is starting to get better, he eats well, but doesn’t seem to like to drink anything, we have to fight with him to get him to drink milk, but already the food is making a physical difference for him. He responds a bit more to being touched, but still doesn’t speak, and we are not sure just how much brain damage has already been done from the extreme malnutrition over such a long period of time.

Sabrina is really beginning to do well, smiling and being generally happy while starting to put on some weight. Please continue to pray for her recovery from a very serious case of TB.

Yesterday two young girls Rosemise and Evelyne both around 12 years of age accepted the Lord as their Savior during the classes that Linda has with the children each morning. We praise God for these two new sisters in the faith. They both have TB and will be with us several more months. Please pray for their spiritual growth during the time that they are with us.

John Wisly is really struggling in school, we’d ask you to pray for him. He is repeating his grade for the 3rd time, and still just can’t seem to get the concepts. Unfortunately there is nothing like special education classes in the school system here where he can get more help. We are trying to help him at home as much as we can, but could really use your prayers for him as well.

Carl-Evens is busy preparing for his entrance exams into Med school in Port-au-Prince. He will write the exam on the 29th. Please pray for him, there will be several thousand people writing the exam and only the top 100 will be taken. He has studied hard all summer, and feels pretty confident. Please pray that he would have clarity as he writes the exam, and that God’s will would be done as far as him getting into Med school this fall. He will also be writing the exam to get into the Dental School program just in case he doesn’t make it into Med School, he can start in Dental School and won’t miss out the whole year. He is willing to study either of these two things, and desires God’s will be done in his life. These past few months in Port-au-Prince have been very good for Carl, he has grown a lot, and we were very pleased to see his progress when we were there last week. Please keep holding him up in prayer.

We trust you all have a great week, and want you to know we appreciate you all very much.
God bless,

Jenny for the HOH

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Pray Pray Pray....

We do appreciate your prayers and would ask you to continue to pray for:

  • Health, Linda and I seem to be trading spots being sick these days. She is now down with malaria and could really use your prayers.
  • All the children/young people in school, that they would be good testimonies for the Lord to those around them, that they would work hard and learn all they can.
  • The sick children we have with us, especially John Kerry, Nelson and Magalie.
  • Our internet is down again at the HOH. I am using the hospitals. We are trying to get a new system set up so our internet will be more reliable that it has been. It will be a bit costly, but in the end worth it we feel.
  • For God's provision of all of our needs, and thank him for what he has already provided for us.
  • For the Bible lessons and studies that are going to begin this evening. That I would have wisdom in preparing them, that the kids and young people would have open and receptive hearts, and that the Holy Spirit would open our minds to learn.

And there's more...

In the midst of all the running back and forth to and from PAP, our visitors leaving, we also had school starting for all the "Our Hope" kids, and a number of new children come into the HOH quite sick. I mentioned Sabrina in a recent update, and wanted to tell you that she is doing much better, thank you for your prayers for her. Nelson is a 3 year old boy who is at the HOH with his mother. He is extremely sick with malnutrition,a nd has lost sight in both of his eyes due to lack of Vitamin A. There might be a chance that he'll be able to see a little bit out of one eye, but not a lot of chance. Please pray for his recovery. Magalie is a 18 month old little girl who is also sick with severe malnutrition, but she is coming along very well. We also admitted a 15 year old boy named Stevenson who has TB. He is still adapting to the HOH, but pray that he'll soon feel at home, and that he'd be open to the gospel while he is here with us.

The one case we really need your prayers on, however, is a tiny 8 year old boy named John Kerry Fleuristil. He was abandoned at the hospital last week, with only a paper from the mayor of a local town telling us a bit about him (name, age etc...). He only weighs 18 pounds!!! I thought I had see just about everything in my time here in Haiti, but I was wrong...I've never seen anything so sad in my life. He is nothing but bones, and has yet to respond to us at all. He is in his own little world, doing only what he must to survive and stay alive...which before he came to the HOH included eating whatever he could find to put in his mouth. We are not sure at this point how much of a mental problem he has, or how much is due to severe trauma at this point, but please do pray for John Kerry. Pray also for us to have wisdom to help him get back his strength and health.

School has started, and the house is bustling with the activity of 40 some children/young people coming and going throughout the day. We in the end had two of the "Our Hope " children who didn't stay with us. Helene has returned to live with her family here in La Pointe, since she has finished school. And Jamesky has gone to live with an aunt. We will continue to pay for his schooling, but he will live at home.


Greetings to all of our friends, family and supporters. We have finally decided to become part of the "blogging" world, as our list of e-mail updates just got too long to send all at one time. We hope this is an easy way for everyone to keep in touch with the HOH and what is going on on a regular basis. I will try to update this blog as often as I possibly can, so check it out once a week or so and keep up with what's going on at the HOH...if you can!

These past couple of weeks have been just a whirlwind of activity. In my last update I told you I had to go to Port-au-Prince to see a dentist. And that all went very well, I found a good dentist and was able to get my tooth fixed, so I thank you for your prayers, and thank the Lord for working all that out. It was also good to see some of our missionaries in PAP and get to catch up a bit with them.

Our friends from England left about a week after I got back from PAP, we enjoyed having them here and were sad when they had to leave. Just a few days before they left Linda started having trouble with pain and spasms on her right side. It all came to a head last Thursday night when she started having acute pain and we had to take her to the hospital. The doctors determined she was having a gall bladder attack and suggested I take her ASAP to PAP to get a sonography.

So on Saturday morning we left for PAP. We were able to get the sonography on Saturday as well and got back better results from that doctor than we had been anticipating. We are hoping to be able to control things with a better diet in the future, and are hoping that she will not need to undergo surgery to remover her gall bladder. The doctor here in La Pointe has given us to December, when the doctor in PAP asked us to come back and redo the sonography. If the results are better she won't have to go through surgery. If not, she will have to have it removed.