Sunday, May 31, 2015


We were able to get Oliana to Port-au-Prince yesterday.  We had a team of doctors come up to work at the hospital and the HOH and they allowed us to use the return portion of their charter flight to fly her to PAP.  Thank you Drs. Brenda & Grace!

Oliana is not doing well at all, and tomorrow morning she will see a diabetic specialist.  So please pray that they are able to help her out and that they would have the wisdom they need to see what is going on in her body.  She is staying with some friends of ours, the Boucher family, and Mrs. Boucher will be taking her to the doctor in the morning.  We are very grateful for their help and support whenever we have needs like this come up.

We'll let you know as we find out more. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Prayer Needed Again

Oliana is once again not doing well at all.  The doctors just don't know what to do for her anymore.  They told us this is not a good sign that she does well for a couple of weeks and then plummets downhill so quickly like this.  Each time her low seems to get worse and it's harder for her to pull out of it.  They really would like us to send her to Port-au-Prince where she could have some more advanced testing done than we can find in our area of Haiti.  Linda is trying to work out these details, but it is not easy.  Just transporting a sick person there is a challenge.  So, please keep Oliana and everyone trying to help her out in your prayers. Thank you so much.

Friday, May 15, 2015


Many have said over the years that the House of Hope is aptly named.  If there is one thing we have in abundance it is hope.  The need of hope comes in all shapes and sizes crammed into the bodies, hearts and minds of the precious lives God brings through our doors.   This past week, the arrival of 18 year old Lethnie reminded us of the importance of hope and the privilege we have to bring it to the children and youth of Haiti.    

Perhaps the reason Lethnie’s arrival brought so much reflection on our part is because her story mirrors the HOH Director Linda’s in many ways.  A young girl paralyzed by Tuberculosis of the spine (Pott’s disease).  An already bleak future became exponentially more so with the news that she will likely never walk again.  If anyone needed hope at this point in her life – it’s Lethnie.  

Who better to help her walk through these dark days than someone who has been there before? Linda knows the physical, emotional and mental pain that Lethnie is going through.  She has felt the feelings of hopelessness and fear of what lies ahead and has learned not only to survive but to thrive in spite of it all.  We know God didn’t make a mistake bringing Lethnie to our home – here she has someone to walk this road with her who has been down it before.  

One big difference sets Lethnie’s story apart from Linda’s.  When Linda came to the HOH she was in need of every kind of hope available and it was here she found the source of true hope – Jesus.  Linda would be the first to admit she couldn’t give any kind of lasting hope to the kids on her own.  It is Jesus and the hope that He brings, through the forgiveness of sins and the gift of life, that gives her the strength to lavish all forms of hope on to the children in her care.  

Thankfully, Lethnie came to the HOH already having this hope that comes through faith in Jesus.  Perhaps the beautiful smile on her face gives that away.  It is our hope that Lethnie learns more about this One who is the hope giver while she is with us.  We hope that she learns about how precious and valuable she is no matter what disabilities she might have.  We hope she gains confidence in her abilities to bring glory to God with her life no matter what challenges she faces in the future.  We hope she develops the tools she’ll need to pass on hope to those who come in contact with her.  We also hope she will walk one day – we’ve seen it happen before.  After all, this is the House of Hope!

Thank you so much for your partnerships in so many different ways that allows us to bring the hope that is needed to our little corner of Haiti.