Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Visitors Welcome!

A favorite time for the kids at the House of Hope is when we have visitors or visiting teams come down to spend time with them. They love the attention, love practicing their English, and just love building relationships with friends and supporters of the HOH.  

This week we have a team from Quebec down visiting. Among the visitors is Gislaine. Her heart was touched by Widson when she was down a couple of years ago and she's the one who sent him his special chair making it easier for him to participate in life at the HOH. 
We love to see these special bonds formed through time spent at the House of Hope. If any of you are interested in taking a team down to spend time and help at the HOH, please get in touch with us. You can find our contact information on our contact page here.

There are specific needs we have at different times. Right now we could really use some Physical Therapists who would be interested in going down to assess and give us ideas on how to help special needs kids like Widson.  We have news of some PTs being in our area of Haiti this coming week and they are going to try and stop by to start a program for these kids.  The next step would be for us to have some others go down later in the year to keep this going. If this is something you or someone else you know might be interested in, please let us know and we can see if we could work something out.  

We know going down to Haiti isn't something everyone is able to do and we are so thankful for the other ways so many of you support this ministry. Thank you for your prayers and giving that enable us to bring hope to those who come into our home. 

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