Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Pray Pray Pray....

We do appreciate your prayers and would ask you to continue to pray for:

  • Health, Linda and I seem to be trading spots being sick these days. She is now down with malaria and could really use your prayers.
  • All the children/young people in school, that they would be good testimonies for the Lord to those around them, that they would work hard and learn all they can.
  • The sick children we have with us, especially John Kerry, Nelson and Magalie.
  • Our internet is down again at the HOH. I am using the hospitals. We are trying to get a new system set up so our internet will be more reliable that it has been. It will be a bit costly, but in the end worth it we feel.
  • For God's provision of all of our needs, and thank him for what he has already provided for us.
  • For the Bible lessons and studies that are going to begin this evening. That I would have wisdom in preparing them, that the kids and young people would have open and receptive hearts, and that the Holy Spirit would open our minds to learn.

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