Monday, December 05, 2005

No more Blacky

No more Blacky
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It was a sad weekend for us as we lost our old faithful dog Blacky (pictured here...ok, so he was a little camera shy, all I could find was a picture of the back of him!). He was very old, and was suffering a lot, so in one sense his death was a relief, but he was here a long time, and we all were used to him and loved him. So it was sad.

We are having a difficult time finding help for Jackson. The hospitals we have contacted so far have turned us down. If any of you reading this have any contacts that you could get in touch with that might be able to help us out please let us know. So, please pray that we'll have wisdom to know how far to go to find help, and when we just have to stop and say we can't do anything else, that's a hard decision to make. Also pray for him as he is suffering a lot, it is hard for his family.

We seem to be doing pretty good as far as the kids go here at the HOH this week, everyone seems to be coming along nicely, so thankyou for your prayers on our behalf. We hope you have a really great week.

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Chris Hoefer said...

We will continue to pray for Jackson. God Bless.