Thursday, November 23, 2006

Christmas is Here!!

This past week Christmas arrived at the HOH. We love to start early, as everyone here loves the lights and the decorations. For some of the children, this will be the first Christmas they've ever celebrated, and for some the only one they ever will. The new ones have never seen lights and decorations before, it is so fun to watch their faces light up with each decoration that is put in place. We are looking forward to being able to enjoy this time of the year with our children and young people, and to share the Good News of Jesus with those who don't yet know Him.

Speaking of those who don't know Him yet, we can cross Djimmy off that list! Remember a couple of weeks ago I asked you to pray for him. Well last week he accepted Jesus as his Savior, here in the office with Linda and I. It was so wonderful, and at that moment I pictured the angels in Heaven celebrating this newborn member of the family. Thank you for your prayers for him.

It has been a difficult week for us, as one of the young people who has been here 5 years decided she wanted to return home to her father's house. We had been trying to discourage this, as her father is extremely poor, and has no way to take care of her, but she insisted, so we had to let her go, even though it was very difficult for us. In the end she wanted more freedom to do as she pleases, and she knew she wouldn't get it here. That is a very difficult for some of our young people, especially as they have friends whose parents let them do what they want. Please pray for our young people, that they'd be able to stand up to the peer pressure around them, and continue to learn and grow in their walk with Christ so that they are a positive influence to their friends and schoolmates.

We are looking forward to some visitors this next week. A young man from Seattle named Mason Young is coming to spend several weeks helping us out here at the HOH, and a group of men from Oklahoma are coming for a quick visit as well. I have been spending quite a bit of time planning for the work teams that will start to come here in January and continue through to April. Please pray for me as I work out all the logistics of having these teams here. Pray also for security in Haiti so they can come and help us do some much needed repairs at the HOH and the hospital as well.

This week has been rainy and stormy, we actually pulled out the winter clothes yesterday evening for the young children! We have a number of needs here at the moment, and would appreciate your prayers for God's provision for all of our needs. Pray also for a number of very sick children we have here right now. Those include: Gamaniel, Wendjina, Edmaya, and Ashley.

We want to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of our US friends. Hope you have a lovely day.

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