Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Busy Busy Busy!!

Wow, where does time go? It was such a busy week with our team from Canada, but it was such a great time. The kids enjoyed all the pampering the team did, and those who need glasses sure are looking forward to having them sent back to them. We appreciated the eye doctor who checked out all of our kids as well as quite a few people in the community. He even brought down a wide selection of eyeglass frames to choose from. Our precious Ciliana (formerly Siliana - sorry I spelled it wrong), even took a turn modeling the smallest of the glass frames he brought along. She looks very sophisticated! She is doing just great by the way, weighing 4.5 pounds, and gaining! Our only trouble with her is she doesn't sleep well at night, making it tough for Linda and I who take turns staying up with her. The team from Canada helped out so much, even keeping her for night so we both could wake up rested the next day! We really appreciated all they did for us.

Now we are looking at the next visiting team from East Stroudsburg, PA. We are looking forward to seeing the 5 members of the team who have been down here many times before, as well as former Haiti missionary Paul Browne, and a new visitor we will be meeting for the first time. It is going to be a busy week, with much coming and going, as they have different jobs to work on, and I won't be here for most of the time they are here. Lord willing, I am going to Miami for the weekend for a mission's conference. When I get back Linda will be going to Cap Haitian for a quick visit with her family. The students have a vacation from school starting on Friday of this week and going through the next as it is the "Carnival" weekend here in Haiti. So the next couple of weeks are going to be quite something trying to coordinate everything that's going on!

We appreciate your prayers on our behalf as we continue to serve the Lord here at the House of Hope and in Haiti. Here are some specific requests for you to pray for:
  • Pray for safety for all the traveling plans over the next couple of weeks.
  • Pray for safety and health for the visiting team coming down, as well as strength to finish the different jobs we have lined up for them.
  • Pray for Linda as she holds down the fort while I'm away, and then for me as I hold it down while she is gone...it's always much harder when one of us is away. Also, she just came down with malaria, so she isn't feeling very well.
  • Pray for our nurses that we have hired as they go through their internship in the hospital, and plan on starting to work for us March 1. We still need to hire 2, so pray that we would find the right nurses who will fit into the program here at the HOH.
  • Pray for Colly, Blon, and Iseline three new children here at the HOH. Blon and Iseline have malnutrition, and Colly has TB.
  • Continue to pray for Ciliana, that she'd continue to get strong, and that she'd start to sleep through the nights.
  • Pray that in spite of all the things going on that keep us busy we'd reflect Jesus to those around us, and we'd take the time to get to know Him better.
  • Pray that God would supply all of our needs, and that we'd trust Him for everything.
Once again, we appreciate your prayers and support. Have a great week.

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