Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Rain and more rain...

Greetings from a very soggy La Pointe. I am somewhat disappointed about all this rain. They finally started to fix the road between La Pointe and our nearest town, Port-de-Paix, it was looking really nice, I could actually get to 30 mph in some places! (not a normal experience for those of you who have never driven on our road). And then the rain came, and came and came and is still coming. It's been days now. I'm pretty sure the road is no longer so nice. But I also know the rain is important to so many people in the area who have gardens, so I won't complain! There are so many people in other parts of Haiti who would do anything to have this rain.

As you can imagine things were very busy last week with the young people from Liberty University here. But it was a great week. They spent a lot of time teaching our young people a lot of truths from God's Word, I'm sure everyone here learned something new, and it was a really great time of growth. One of the sessions they talked with our girls about inner beauty, and then gave our girls make overs, you can see them in action in the picture here.

We thank God for getting the team off in time in spite of having airplane complications here in Port-de-Paix the morning they were to leave. Then that afternoon the dental team from Seattle, and the dental students from Las Vegas arrived. They have been working hard in the dental office. Unfortunately the rain has kept a lot of people away, but in a way it's been good because they've been able to give all of the kids at the HOH a good check up.

  • The HOH students have all started exams, so I'm sure they'd appreciate your prayers.
  • I am almost finished the 1st 6 lessons of the Peacemakers. Please continue to pray as I prepare these lessons that God would prepare the hearts of the 47 young people who will be participating in the seminar on March 31-April 7th.
  • I am gearing up for a trip to the US in May/June. This year I'll be heading West after spending a week in Corsicana, I'll then head to Seattle, then go North into Canada to Victoria, then over to Banff, Calgary, and Lacombe. Please pray as I am in the planning stage that I'd be able to work out all the logistics.
  • Having our own nurses seems to really be working out great. Continue to pray as they adjust to working at the HOH. Yesterday we had a little one pass away, that was difficult for them all.
  • Please continue to pray for Julienne, she got an infection this week, and isn't doing too well. Pray for her healing. Pray also for two new boys Wilvens and David, who are very malnourished.
As always, we appreciate your prayers very much. And thanks for your patience in waiting to have the blog updated

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