Monday, June 25, 2007

Summer Vacation is Here!

Wow, where have the weeks gone! It is way past time for me to update you all. I'm back in Haiti after having had the chance to visit a number of friends, family and supporters in North Western USA, and South Western Canada. It was a very busy trip, but I had a great time seeing all those I was able to.

I am happy to be back though, I missed everyone here, and was missed as well. The baby Ciliana is now 11.5 pounds, and doing great. I plan to go to Port-au-Prince this week to try and get her tests done. There were about 10 new admissions while I was gone, including an 8 day old baby girl named Valandina. She is doing really well and is now just over a month old. We seem to be getting quite adept at taking care of these tiny ones, and so far everyone enjoys pitching in to take care of them.

For the most part, school is out. Ronel, Phania, and Ruben are still writing grade 12 and 13 exams these next two weeks, so they could really use your prayers. They've worked hard studying, so we hope they each pass their exams. Everyone else is finished, and so summer vacation has officially begun here at the HOH. It's going to be a busy one, and has already started with a flurry of activity.

Linda and I are so thankful for St. Germain (pictured here), who has earned the title "Program Director" of the HOH. He has planned games every morning and afternoon to keep everyone busy. What a blessing to have that taken care of for us, so we can get other work done. God has gifted him in this area of planning and implementing his plans, and boy do we appreciate all of his efforts.

Last week started out with several very serious games of water balloon races, and dodge ball (with both balls, and water soaked sponges). With the high temperatures we've already been experiencing this summer (yesterday it was 108˚F in the sun!), any game with water is a welcome relief. As you see in the other picture even afternoon rainstorms couldn't stop them from having their fun!

While the kids are having all the fun, Linda and I have been busy preparing Bible studies and lessons for the coming year. Linda is also preparing to teach some Child Evangelism Fellowship courses this coming summer, so she could use your prayers as she prepares these lessons to train teachers to teach children the Gospel.

We enjoyed a fun weekend together this past weekend, not only was it the first weekend I was back, and the first weekend school was out. But it was also my birthday, as well as the graduation of one of our youngsters from elementary school, so we had a couple of parties together, and had a lot of fun enjoying just being together.

Manno, our star, is still waiting to head to Port-au-Prince to compete in the semi-finals of the singing contest. He's been busy preparing 10 songs that he will have to perform. Out of the 14 semi-finalists, they will eliminate 6 and only keep 8 for the finals. The Semi-finals are supposed to start Friday the 29th of June, so you could keep him in your prayers as well. We pray that he will be an reflection of Jesus to those he comes in contact with as he sings in this competition. Pray that God would direct his steps, and direct others who come in contact with him, pray that he would have the courage and wisdom to speak of his faith, and share Christ with others around him, and that some would come to know the Lord.

Here are some prayer requests you could pray for this week:
  • There is some kind of fever/flu going around, we have kids dropping like flies, so pray for those of us who are still well, as we cover for those who are sick. Linda woke up not feeling well today, so hopefully she won't be the next victim!
  • 6 of us plan on heading to Port-au-Prince this week to take care of some government paperwork, and doctor appointments. Three of the older kids will be going on the bus, and Linda and I plus the baby will be flying down. Pray for safety in travel, and also that we'd be able to get done all we need to accomplish.
  • There is so much work to do, we need wisdom to prioritize what needs done, and also know when to say no!
  • We have a very busy visitor schedule through this summer, pray as I work through all of these logistics, and pray for safety in travel as these groups come from all over.
  • Pray that we would be a reflection of Jesus to those around us, and that we'd grow closer to Him every day.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support. We thank God for the many people He has placed on our team to enable this ministry to continue. Thank you for your part.

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