Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Good Afternoon! This is just a really quick update to ask for your prayers for us. Things have been so busy I haven't had a chance to update the blog, but unfortunately it always seems to work out that that's when we really need your prayers! So I'm just quickly writing you about a couple of things.
  • Nani has come down sick with what has all the symptoms of Scarlet Fever. Our Pediatrician has been hesitant to call it that, but the symptoms are all there. So, she has been really sick. We were able to get her on antibiotics really quickly, so she is much better today, but we all could use your prayers for healing, for strength, and that this wouldn't spread to the other kids.
  • At the same time numerous of the other kids have come down with different viruses/illnesses going around, so things are a bit crazy around here at the moment. Those who are still healthy are trying to remain that way, while taking care of the sick!
  • Linda has been having some health troubles of her own, and this week her hemorrhoids have really started to cause problems. Tomorrow morning she will be undergoing surgery to try and take care of the problem. Please pray for Dr. Mozart as he performs the surgery, and for Linda as she undergoes it. We hear it is very painful, and her body usually takes longer to get over things like this, so please pray for her, and all of us who will be helping her get through this.
  • Saturday evening we are supposed to start teaching the "The Young Peacemaker" seminar to 52 young men from this area. With so much sickness going around it's been hard to find the time to prepare for the seminar, and enough healthy bodies to pull it all off. We know our enemy doesn't want God's truth to be told to these young men, so please pray that we would be able to continue with the seminar in spite of the obstacles that keep popping up.
Thank you so much for holding us up before the Father! When I get a chance I'll update how things are progressing.

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Heather Kibler said...

You've got my prayers... from one recovery bed to another! I trust that God will provide all you need to get through this difficult and stressful time, all the while bringing the praise and glory to himself.