Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The events of life...

Every time I sit down to write an update, I kick myself for not having done it sooner.  It does seem like it'd be easier for me to do it, if I did it more often.  I can only hope to improve in this area at some point in my life!

Life at the HOH is going well; the kids are all busy with school, we are deep into our various activities, including Bible clubs, devotions and studies.  One of our boys, Junior, was elected president of his High School, and several others are playing on various sports teams. For the most part, life is moving along "as normal".

But there is one event that is fast approaching, that is quite out of the ordinary for us. Sometimes it's hard to distinguish between our personal lives and the ministry here at the HOH, and that makes it somewhat hard to know how much to publish on the blog at times as well.  So, you will not be receiving a lot of details here on the blog about this upcoming event, but if you have questions and wish to write me personally about it, please feel free to do so at my e-mail address:  jenny.reitz@crossworld.org .

So, just what is this event?  Well, I, Jenny, am getting married.  Yes, there you have it.  Some of you will have heard this already, for others this will be a surprise, as you can imagine it's been difficult knowing how to bring it all to light when the time was right.  And there are so many details that I've been having to work out.  Some are still being worked out, and I don't have all the answers yet.  But it is our hope and prayer that this will not change my part in the ministry of the HOH at all at this point.  You can pray for us in that matter.

Because of my split life in multiple countries, we will be also having a split wedding in that there will be very small and simple ceremonies both in Haiti and in Canada, Lord willing; with the Haiti one being first and just around the corner.  It's been amazing to watch God work out all the details, and bless me in this very special way.  I'd ask for your prayers especially over these next couple of weeks and months; both for my fiance & myself, and for Linda & the kids.

An update from some of the events we wrote about on the last update.  Wedlyn the 14 year old boy went through some very rough days.  Our doctors ended up concluding that his tumor was cancer, and there is nothing that can be done for such things in our part of the world.  So, his parents took him home where they could best care for him during his final days.  We are so grateful for the time he spent here in the home.  We were able to share the love of Jesus with him, and also the good news of Jesus as the one who is able to save.  Wedlyn believed this message while he was here and put his trust in Jesus.  What a wonderful part we were able to play in his life for the short time he was with us.

Thanks to some visiting eye doctors at a neighboring mission we were able to get eye surgery done for Jean Daniel who has had a problem with his eye since he was just a young boy.  There is a possibility they might have to do it again next year in a different way, if it isn't successful, so we are praying that it is.  We were also able to help the elderly mom of a friend have two different operations on her eyes.  She is able to see much better, and is very grateful for this blessing in her life.

As you can imagine there are many things to pray for:
  • Pray for wisdom in dealing with the various details and people involved in our lives and ministry.
  • Pray for God's provision for all of our needs, both personally and for the HOH.
  • Pray for God's glory to shine forth in our lives, as we forge into new territory in many ways.
  • Pray for each of us to reflect Jesus to the world around us as we live out our daily lives in our community.
We are grateful to you all for your faithful support of the HOH as we bring hope to needy children and youth of Haiti.


Barb Smith said...

Dear Jenny,
Thank you for making the time to write and update us on HOH happenings and your own personal load these days.
We are so very happy for you, and will continue to pray for you, so please keep us on your prayer support team.
I share in your sadness and sprinkled with joy, the journey dear Wedlyn is on now st home with his parents. Will be praying that God will use him in these days to share his hope with his friends and family.
Love to you and make sure you look after yourself with the heavy load you are carrying. You must be so excited though, so it's hard to be relaxed with so much to do.
Any prayer needs the come up, just quickly throw me an email. Margie and I will be keeping you in our prayers.
Blessings on you and a whole bunch of love,
Barb( for Marg too)

Chelle said...

Wow, life is full and busy! I hope the wedding went well ! I pray for God's blessing on you and your husband in this new stage of life and that you can both continue to be involved in ministry for his glory. Thank you for your faithful service at the House of Hope. I love you and am praying for you! Love, Michelle