Friday, April 05, 2013

Oh my!  Where has this past month gone?  My last post to you all was as I was rushing out the door on my way to Florida.

I had a great trip there.  It was a wonderful time visiting with old friends and making new ones; encouraging our partners along the way, and being encouraged in return.  I was able to speak at multiple different events and places, and was blessed with a few days to relax with a cousin who came to see me in Orlando.  Thank you to each and everyone who made my trip successful.

Meanwhile back at the HOH,  just a few days before I was due to return, our kids were in a car accident.  It was after dark and they were coming home from a school function in Port-de-Paix (the town 6 miles up the road from us).  An oncoming mini bus had only one headlight and St. Germain thought it was a motorcycle.  Meanwhile the mini bus was passing a parked vehicle on their side of the road.  It smashed right into our vehicle... We thank God that no one was killed.  St. Gemain the driver had the worst injuries, and is still recovering; everyone else walked away just really shaken up.  The car on the other hand...

Throughout the week before Easter our kids were all on vacation from school.  They once again planned and put together a Spiritual Life Crusade each night of the week.  It ended with a great Easter service on Sunday morning.  There was lots of singing, special musical numbers and preaching from a pastor and national missionary in our area.  We had a good turn out of several hundred people the first two nights.  Then the rains started... all day... all night for 4 days/nights.  Not to be deterred, the kids moved the crusade inside, and the people crowded in; in smaller numbers, but quite a few from the local community came anyway.  It really was a good time of remember what Jesus did for us, and all that He gave us in His death and His resurrection.

Our students are back in school now.  Several have received their report cards for the last semester.  We've had a mix of results.  The star by far has been 8 year old Dieula who brought home a 9.4 out of 10.  Very impressive.  Others are struggling and could use your prayers, those include:  Esther, Siliana, Ivinsky, Chedlyn, and John Wisly.  School is just not easy for them, and the school system leaves no room for kids who need extra help or different methods.

We have been able to start up a weekly Bible study again with the residents of the HOH.  We are thankful that God has brought a young national Child Evangelism Fellowship missionary to live in our town, and he has expressed a desire to work with our children/young people.  Please pray as David gets to know our kids and starts to share God's Word with them that they would grow in their knowledge of Jesus.

We'd appreciate your prayers as we continue to struggle to get enough financial support to pay our bills.  I know I must sound like a broken record, but we need approximately $200 per child/youth per month.  That adds up to quite a bit when you consider we have 85 here at any given time.  This includes their schooling, food and medical costs as well as any other needs they might have.  Please pray with us that we work to find more supporters to help us with this need.  If you are able to help in any way, please let us know.

Thanks so much for what each of you does do to help us out.  God's blessings on you!  Till next time...

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