Friday, July 26, 2013

It's been a tough day

While Phania and Rose Nirva continue to hang in there, the doctor's are trying to decide if they need to take Phania's baby while it is still doing ok.  Please pray for them as they make a decision on this.  She lost her last baby which was born very premature, so I'm sure this is very scarey for her and her husband.

Ricardo has now come down with Cholera and has been transferred to the treatment center.  Two other young people Mirlene and Rosnel are sick, but so far not with Cholera.  My guess would be two things, they are working hard and they are scared to eat or drink because they don't want cholera, so they have become dehydrated!  Keep them in your prayers as well as all the other kids as this must be scarey for them as well.

One of our babies died earlier this evening.  Lovinson had been at the HOH for the past several months with a serious case of malnutrition.  He got cholera and wasn't doing too badly until today.  He died quite suddenly this evening.  We were hoping not to lose any, please pray for those on the ground there, I'm sure they are feeling terrible about this.

Linda and the other leaders are very tired as you can imagine.  Keep holding them up in prayer.

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