Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mosquito Free Rooms!

Greetings to all of our friends, family and partners.  Jenny is writing you from a very cold - 20 degree Manitoba winter that doesn't want to go away, and she is bringing you news of the House of Hope that is experiencing incredibly hot nights that make sleeping almost impossible.  

At least they are now able to sleep without the buzz of mosquitoes flying about their heads as the new screens have arrived and been installed in all the rooms at the HOH.  Over their annual Carnival (Mardi Gras) break, the young men at the HOH worked hard to replace all the old, rusting and rotting screens we had in place.  As you can see, they desperately needed replacing...
Now they are nice and useful again; and we are so grateful to all of you who participated in this project.  Some people gave financially for us to purchase the materials, others helped order and ship them to us, still others paid for the shipping.  It was a team effort utilizing our partners from all over North America.  Thank you to those of you who helped out.  Here are some pictures of the new screens and the HOH boys installing them...

and here's a look at a window with the finished product...

After much counsel from various sources, we purchased both bug screen and a slightly larger and stronger wired cloth in order to give the bug screen more strength.  It is our hope that these screens last a long time, and give our kids many mosquito free nights (as long as they remember to close the doors!!).

Since returning to school after the break, most of our students have been busy with exams.  As you can imagine it's a stressful time for them, and their days out of school are consumed with studying for the next exam.  They'd sure appreciate your prayers as they finish up.  While we are talking about exams you can already be in prayer for those who have already started to prepare for the difficult government exams coming up in June/July.  Linda is one of those who will be taking these difficult exams, please pray for all of them as they will be working long hours to prepare for this.  

Linda's health continues to be another reason for prayer.  While she did not undergo surgery at this time for her fibroid, the doctors continue to monitor her and are trying other methods in the meantime.  Her blood sugar continues to be an issue as she struggles to get it stabilized, and I know she'd appreciate your prayers for that as well.

We were recently blessed with a visit from a church in Oklahoma.  Among the many things they brought to help out the HOH and cheer up the kids were new cups and spoons.  

In a similar way to the new chairs, the young leaders at the HOH have come up with clever ways to make sure each child at the HOH takes care of his own cup and spoon.  It may seem like small things, but I am pleased with their efforts to include more and more of the kids in taking responsibility for things in the HOH. 

Brother David continues to hold Bible studies with our young people, and several of them have also started helping him with various activities in his church plant in our little town.  It is exciting to see them getting involved in these activities.  

Please continue to pray for the various needs we have at the HOH.  I hope to get a needs page set up on our blog soon that will give you up to date information on the needs we have.  If you are interested in helping us out in any way, just let us know.  A big thanks to all of you who do already help us out in so many ways.

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