Sunday, October 05, 2014

Our latest News

Hello our dear friends!  the last couple of weeks saw the end of Summer vacation for our kids.  The kids ended the holidays with a big championship soccer tournament.  Here you can see Linda with the winning team...

Some of our young men also had the opportunity to spend some time learning to do various art projects.  Ruben, one of our students has been taking Fine Arts at a Christian University in another area of Haiti.  He is going into his last year this year, and he took some time over the past weeks to pass on some of the things he has learned to our eager young men.  Here is some of their work...

Ruben is the second from the Left

And now school has begun.  Linda passed her exam after the re-write and so did Dieuny and Rosemène.  You can imagine their relief, and they are now all in the last grade of High School.  They will have another government exam at the end of this year, so they could still use your prayers as they have already started to study for it.  The rest of those who did not pass will have to re-take the same test next year and try to pass again. As you can imagine it does get quite discouraging for those who have been at it a long time.  Keep them in your prayers as well.

We have just put out a Newsletter.  We are going to post it here as well so if you didn't get it in your e-mail, you will be able to take a look at it here.  It's full of news, prayer requests and ways to help.  One prayer request to add to it is that I will be traveling to South America this coming week to a conference with our partnering organization Extreme Response.  I'm looking forward to learning lots, and getting ideas from the other partners who will be representing many different works throughout the Americas.   Appreciate your prayers.   Enjoy the letter, and if you'd rather have it delivered to your inbox, just let us know and we'll add your e-mail address to the list.

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