Thursday, May 19, 2016

A chance to help...

Thank you to everyone who held Linda and the HOH up in your prayers, we appreciate all the notes of encouragement as well.  After another tough week with a virus goinging through the house and making them sick one after another, they have had a much easier go at things this past week and are able to take a breath.

Yesterday was Haiti's National Flag Day and was full of celebration.  Our elementary school kids were all involved in parades and dances put on by their schools for the local community, here are some pictures...
 Micah, Valandjina, Ivinsky & Dieula


 They had a really fun time and now have the rest of the week off, so they are enjoying a nice break.

Linda asked me to pass on a need we have with you all and see if there are any of you out there who would be able to help us out in this way.  Keeping almost 100 children, young people and young adults clothed every day is a big challenge.  If we had to purchase clothing for all the kids, well, there's just no way we could do it with the kind of budget we work under.  

The big need we have is for clothing.  Our stock is dwindling down and we really could use an influx of clothing donations from our friends and supporters.   They do not need to be new clothes, we are happy with used clothes and shoes as long as they are not too badly worn out.  We need all sizes from baby to adult, and all types of clothes - everyday to dressy clothes as well as undergarments.

If this is something that interests you and you feel you could do a drive of some sort at your school, church, communities; or if you simply have extra clothes at your home that you wouldn't mind sharing with us, that would be really great.   

We have set up a way that you could just pack them up in a cardboard box and ship them off to an address in Miami.  Our friends there will receive the items and then pack them in a way that will enable them to arrive safely in Haiti.  Anyone wanting to help us in this way, just drop us a note at ; I'll send you a more detailed idea of what we could use and detailed shipping information.  If collecting and sending clothing isn't your thing but you'd maybe like to help with the expense in getting them on the boat and over to Haiti then just let me know that too and I'll let you know how you could do that as well.

We know we couldn't do this ministry without the support of our partners.  We appreciate the part you all play.  Thank you so much!

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