Monday, June 27, 2016

Say a Prayer

Good Morning!  Just a quick note to ask you to pray for our young people and friends who are writing the difficult government exams to finish High School this week.  They have studied hard -- now it's time to write.  They have several difficult days ahead of them and I know they'd really appreciate your prayers.  Here's the list... Rosnel, Joseph, Stevenson, Dieujuste, Obed, Wilkens, Junior, Marie Claire, Dada and Manno.

Continue to pray for Lyse who is not doing well.  They took her to Port-au-Prince to have more tests done, but it doesn't look like anything can be done for her in Haiti.  They suggested that maybe in the US she could be helped.  I hope to find out more details on my trip down in a couple of weeks.

We appreciate your support in so many ways -- thank you for your prayers.  Have a great week!

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Camellia said...

Always glad for news from HOH. I just received 97 short sets for girls and
40+ sewing bags. Please advise soon if you can use any of these items. The
bags will be filled with items for embroider work plus hair ribbons, pencils,
etc. I will be happy to ship them to Miami for you. We would appreciate photos
to share with the other Sewers. Will be remembering you all in prayer.