Thursday, February 02, 2017

Update on Dorothy

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for Dorothy.  We appreciate your prayers and your notes of encouragement for everyone involved.  She had a really rough weekend and while she seems to have rallied a little bit, she is not improving much at all.  Over the weekend she became unresponsive and the doctors fear she might have had a stroke.  She is at least a little bit responsive now, Linda took a picture for me but I can't share it online as she is not in good shape at all.  

This is one of those frustrating cases where we are doing all we can, but are hindered greatly by the limitations of health care in our area.  Even if her family could make it happen she wouldn't survive a trip to the capital city where they might be able to do more extensive testing for her.   So, please continue to pray for the doctors and nurses -- for wisdom to do all they can.  Pray for her family who have come to be with her and hurt so much for her.  Pray for the HOH family as they continue to serve Dorothy and her family at this difficult time.  

Your partnership enables us to bring what hope and health care we can to the children who come to our home.  Please continue to pray for the other areas of the HOH -- for our students as they are studying hard for a successful school year -- and for our continuing financial needs. 

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