Sunday, August 06, 2017

Hit with Cholera...

This wasn't the update I was hoping to write when I said I'd write again soon.  Last night the HOH was hit with Cholera when Jn Mary (pictured here working on his camp craft) came down with it.
He was admitted to our partnering hospital's Cholera wing and has been given IV solution and oral serum all night long.  Linda says he seems to be doing better this morning. 

This is not good news to hear from our standpoint, because Cholera spreads like wildfire and it can be fatal or bring other more complicated health problems after it.  At a place like the HOH it could spread very quickly and with some of our kids so frail it could be very hard on them.  Jn Mary is one of our very helpful kids, quite often taking care of the younger ones during the day -- this could have caused him to spread it around before he showed symptoms.  We'd like to ask you to pray...

  • That it doesn't spread to others -- that the measures they have taken to disinfect the HOH, and are taking to not spread it further would work and no others would come down with it.
  • That Jn Mary would continue to improve and recover from this completely.
  • For strength and wisdom for Linda.  She has had some busy weeks and is supposed to teach a 2 week Child Evangelism Fellowship course starting tomorrow.  This is not something she needs on her plate right now.
  • For Rosnel (one of our older boys, pictured below) as he gives one-on-one care to Jn Mary while he is sick and down in the Cholera ward.  Pray for his protection and health as he takes care of Jn Mary.
 Thank you so much for your prayers on our behalf.

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