Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Rain, Rain and more Rain!

That is what seems to be dictating life at the HOH these days.  We don't have "snow" days in Haiti -- but the kids sure do seem to be getting many "rain" days these days.  It affects all of life -- the roads turn into deep mud pits, traffic slows and even halts.  Food, produce and even charcoal to cook with becomes rare and the challenges of life seem to get even more challenging.  Because of this, I know Linda would appreciate your prayers for wisdom and patience to meet these challenges.

I wanted to share a great link with you today.  Tim Fausch from Extreme Response came down to Haiti with me on my last trip and wrote an informative post on the ER blog about the House of Hope.  I thought it might be interesting to you all hearing things from his perspective.  You can go to the link here:  Extreme Response Blog .

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