Monday, January 23, 2006

The mumps have arrived!

The mumps have arrived!
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How exciting it was to hear the cries of joy from the HOH children as the car drove up bringing me back from my vacation. It was even more exciting to see their bright smiling faces. There was just one problem. There were several that I didn't recognize, and since Linda had told me there hadn't been any new admissions since I'd been gone I found that very strange. "Who is that?" I finally asked one of the kids in the car with me. When they told me who it was I couldn't believe it. "How on earth did he gain that much weight in just three weeks?", I asked. They just started howling, "He has the mumps!" they replied to me. Yes it is true, we have once again been visited by the mumps and they are slowly making their way through our entire younger population! Sandley pictured here is one of the latest to catch them. I can't believe he's still smiling!

It is nice to be back again, although the pile of work awaiting me isn't too exciting! So sorry it's taken me so long to put an update on, things have been quite hectic to say the least. Linda's foot was beginning to do very well, and suddenly this weekend the infection has returned, and she is confined to her bed once again. Needless to say this is very discouraging for her, and frustrating for us all. Please pray for her leg, and for our patience as we wait for it to heal. Please pray for her not to be discouraged, and for us all to know how to help and encourage her, while trying to hold up the work load at the same time.

Unfortunately we haven't been able to find a place for Jackson in the US in spite of some people trying very hard to do so at St. Jude's. We know God has His perfect plan for Jackson, and we are pleased to tell you all that Jackson did accept Jesus as his Savior while Linda was visiting him over the holidays. We are so thankful for this, and continue to pray for God's perfect will to be done in this little boy's life.

We have Ken and Debbie Wills and a team from Seattle visiting us this week. They are all hard at work on different projects, we are thankful for their willingness to come and help us out. Please pray for their safety and health over the next week, and also for a safe trip home on the 29th.

We appreciate you all and your prayers on our behalf. The school children have all started school again, and would appreciate your prayers as they study, especially the ones with government exams to write this year. God bless and give you a great week.

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