Monday, February 06, 2006

She's back!!!

She's back!!!
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Happy New Week to all of you! We are so thrilled that Linda is doing much better, her leg is healing, and she is once again able to come down to the HOH and be with us. After over a month pretty much having to stay in her bed, or at least in her house, she is also thrilled to be able to come down to the HOH and give of her love to the children, and a helping hand to the rest of us. Thank you so much for your prayers on her behalf. Continue to pray for her to be able to rebuild strength in her leg.

Due to the elections scheduled to be held tomorrow, the kids are all out of school for the week. They are busy with a lot of different things around the house, the boys are all working on preparing the foundation to finish off the last little bit of wall behind the HOH that hasn't been built yet. Due to insecurities around the country we've felt for a long time that we needed to do this, and finally are able to do so. In a couple of weeks a team from Pennsylvania will be coming to help us actually build the wall and the boys and some local builders are preparing the foundation in the meantime.

We'd appreciate your prayers for the country of Haiti this week with elections being held. Most everything is closed down, so we made sure we bought food and supplies ahead of time last week. We would appreciate your prayers for safety during these next few days. And pray also for the Haitian people as they vote for the next leader of this needy country.

Health wise the children are doing quite well this week. Only one, Enitel is still really struggling, and the doctors have decided that he needs to go to Port-au-Prince to see a specialist. His parents will take him there as soon as the elections are over, please pray for them that they would find a doctor who can help figure out exactly what Enitel has and can help him.

Jackson is still doing ok. He was quite sick last week, but bounced back after receiving another blood transfusion. We appreciate your prayers for him and his family.

We appreciate you our prayer warriors, we really ask for your prayers this coming week, we know our Heavenly Father knows exactly what will happen in this coming week, pray that we don't lose sight of Him and His perfect plan for us and for this country in the days ahead.

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